Grabbed by the nips

A hint of nipple is always nice in an ad. From KK. Thanks K, although a larger shot would have allowed me to blow up the boozies more. Cnr of Fitzgerald and James.

Don’t forget about my live comedy on Sept 11th, and also be prepared for the TWOP live election coverage HERE. You may need comedy after the election.

Nip it good

Nip it good

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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6 Responses to Grabbed by the nips

  1. Cookster says:

    What would you expect from a girl called Anal Lisa???


  2. Grrr says:

    If it’s proved to be arson, can I be the first to nominate the people who burnt down the Guildford Hotel as the worst of the worst of Perth?

    And I have the perfect punishment: A lifetime of drinking warm, flat lemonade in a de-licensed Stirling Arms being served by the worst rejected skimpies that can be recruited from Karratha, Leonora, Laverton and Hall’s Creek.


  3. forkboy says:

    has anyone seen the CARMELINA signage on the continental store on Canning Hwy around Melville (turn off too Booragoon)………….the eyes!!!! THE EYES!!!!!…….seriously fucked up. Looks like she is from MONGOville…… that in Italy?


  4. Groucho says:

    You must admit she has a nice set of Aubergines. Just before her portrait was painted, I would have sworn there was 3 of them…..the smile might hold the secret.


  5. Snuff says:

    The Mentals were right ! I must confess I’m finding it a tad difficult to concentrate, for in between pondering Groucho’s Lisa’s enigmatic smile, and Cookster’s nomenclative observation, I keep visualising this as Poor Lisa’s gravatar.


  6. Mazarina says:

    grrr @ 2 – WHAT??? i can’t believe the guildford hotel has burnt down. that is a true tragedy! your punishment for the arsonists certainly seems apt.


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