Perth’s Smallest Bar

Hemingway is terribly limited. His technique is good for short stories, for people who meet once in a bar very late at night, but do not enter into relations. But not for the novel.
W. H. Auden

Apparently Perth now has a small bar policy where cool Melbourne style bars can cater for Perth’s boutique drunken pigs. Is this one manifestation? Is it true that this unlicenced van with a fridge (but no seats) once served as a mobile piss palace for a local football club, and actually used to drive down onto the oval to dispense illegal tinnies? Or was that just a vicious rumour put about by the liqour licensing authorities? If anyone can get photos of the sly grog van servicing footballers, would be much appreciated. I doubt it ever happened myself. No-one would flout our worthy piss laws like that.

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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6 Responses to Perth’s Smallest Bar

  1. B.T. says:

    Now that you’ve made it famous, I suppose this van will end up on the scrap heap too, beside the Team America van.


  2. The inside is already on the scrap heap.


  3. Midlandia says:

    My God! The interior of this deathtrap is ramshackle, filthy, trashed, and possibly insect-infested.

    In others, it seems up to standard with the average pub. Good times.


  4. I remember the North Noggajerrin Football Club Team Bus. (I met them as a cricket team as they needed a reason to fill this ex-WAGT bus during the summer) It had the rear two sets of seats removed and the world’s largest eski installed. There were even bumper stickers printed “I survived a North Noggajerrin Bus Trip).
    I think the parent body was the “NORTH NOGGAJERRIN GUDGEON CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION” from Wembley back in the 1970’s.


  5. Graham says:

    Yep, the NNGCA was a great club and I was one of the part owners of the bus


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