Tray Bien

Regarding our discussion of Council House, Anonymous Perthon submitted this, also wondering just how people must have felt about the building when it was new. Anon, I’m glad I don’t know where you live, because I would have to kill you for this tray. Should have a few glasses of Weaver & Lock lemonade on it.

council house tray

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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16 Responses to Tray Bien

  1. Aluishus says:

    Arrgh, the “T” building.

    A truly hideous piece of Perth architecture

    Thanks for reminding me.

    Take it easy,



  2. lazyaussie says:

    I still think it’s one of the best buildings in the city.


  3. La Plaza Bentley says:

    I like it too. I don’t even mind the kebab :-b


  4. La Plaza Bentley says:

    Oh and the red cross building is also nice. In Wellington street from memory. That still there?


  5. lazyaussie says:

    La Plaza, do you mean the (I think) St John Ambulance 1940s building, now a youth hostel?


  6. La Plaza Bentley says:

    No…it was the white boxy building…


  7. CK says:

    Well I can assure you LA and LPB that they are separate buildings pretty much side-by-side.

    Ambulance building was flogged-off to YHA about four years ago and then renovated.

    Can’t find pic of Red Cross on Flicker, but recall that it’s also a nice Deco building with really crappy lifts.


  8. lazyaussie says:

    They are both nice buildings.


  9. BedfordsCrackPotFraternity!! says:

    The tray is Pre Kebab isnt it? Do we have a date on it! 60? Ahh Kebab Stick Terrace, who said Perth’s dull?


  10. Robotnik says:

    Yes, easily the best modernist building in the state (finished 1962 apparently) and definitely one of the best in the country. Thank f^%$ it and that tray weren’t demolished! The building came pretty close I believe.
    Check these out:


  11. lazyaussie says:

    Many, many people still hate it. It could easily have gone.


  12. son of sniglet says:

    I seriously believe the Council House is a beautiful piece with a brilliant sense of proportion and one of the very few buildings from the 60s anywhere that is worth keeping. The kebab stick doesn’t bother me in the slightest either. As for the blood bank no-one would miss it (aesthetically) if it disappeared overnight. Can’t see any signs of art deco in its design.


  13. Mazarina says:

    I don’t have strong feelings about Council House either positively or negatively. But the tray is awesome! It just screams ‘I’m from Perth, please take me seriously, see I’m a real city with big buildings.’ Civic pride never looked so desperate – I want one!


  14. Leonard says:


    But did you know that the original kebab was going to be where the Entertainment Centre is now, and 300 feet (nearly 100 metres) tall?

    We got off lightly.


  15. La Plaza Bentley says:



  16. Zuben says:

    The rest of st George s terrace must have been so beautiful when this building was new …


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