Outrage Sunday 248 #justanotherdayinWA

The new campaign is going well. It’s even better than the taxi thing, or the Experience Extraordinary effort. Bento once said (something like): “If you want to imagine WA’s future, imagine Colin Barnett’s boot stamping on a choc milk bong – forever”. The justanotherday initiative has suppressed this. Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 2.20.40 pm
We like the cost-effectiveness of the campaign (apart from the $20,000 spend on Teh West Australian wrap-around yesterday). I know my associate Mr James – in town for a dugong poetry conference – will be returning home entranced with the hashtag. “Punters will be jumping on planes at LAX and Narita to marvel at your world-class traffic management,” he said. IMG_3894
And our traffic, er, incidents – like this one, at 3.45am yesterday, on Narrogin’s Kipling Street: “Around 3:45am, unknown offender(s) have reversed a stolen Holden utility through the glass front doors of the supermarket causing significant damage to the doors and some structural damage to the entrance of the building. The utility became wedged in the entrance of the building and the offender(s) set fire to the vehicle.” The photo is beautiful. Open 7 days: that’s WA for you. 160611 Narrogin 2

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6 Responses to Outrage Sunday 248 #justanotherdayinWA

  1. ewfire11 says:

    Some people have to go to work to be able to buy those cars and the same for the business. They are not handed out to them as perhaps a lot of people seem to think.


  2. you'll get wet says:

    Chocmilk bong

    There used to be a lib pollie here who had a bong shop, imported bongs from Bali. Forget his name.

    It was much simpler back then, Libs kids were inducted into the family party with pocketmoney from penny dreadful mining scams, now they have meth labs.


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