Bumkin Super Welfare falls flat.

Pete F notes via Fin Review (or is it Weekend Australian?) that not only is the Royalties for Rurotards scheme a waste of our city smartarse dollar, but that the bumpkins don’t even, A) appreciate it, B) know it exists and C) couldn’t find it with both hands. Jeez, no wonder they’re suiciding like Emos out in the bush.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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20 Responses to Bumkin Super Welfare falls flat.

  1. skink says:

    perhaps now we can return to the age-old formula where farmers demand aid because of the drought, and then six months later demand assistance because of the floods, and if by some accident they should have a bumper crop they then demand a subsidy because the surplus has reduced prices.

    all the time they are doing this they will be whinging about how city folk don’t appreciate them, and that the whole country is riding on their backs, and they should try working all….

    that’s the proper way


    • vegan says:

      hear, hear skink.

      there’s nothing like the old ways.


      • orbea says:

        balance-of-power politics, ALP and Lib were in a bidding war to get the Nats to go into coalition

        standard services being rebranded as R4R – wtf is PATS is described as R4R, an expansion of PATS will see even more rurotards coming to Perth hospitals and getting ill, not enuff beds in Perth for the suburbotards and they want more check shirt sheep worriers here?


  2. pete says:

    The solution seems pretty obvious. They’re not distributing enough tote bags.


  3. BrownBook says:

    Must be really crap if the Australian is dumping on it


  4. Pete says:

    Jeez, font, layout, obviously the weekend fin review. Its not that much better than any of the others but I’d rather stare into space than read the Australian.


  5. The Legend 101 says:

    Who cares, Stupid Goverment+Economy= Crazy Messed Up Goverment/Welfare


  6. skink says:

    first Super Welfare, now SuperTowns:


    this gravy train will stop at Boddington, Collie Morawa….

    worth it for Brendon Grylls quote: “I’m very convinced that people considering moving to the country look at social amenities – are there nice parks, can you get a decent coffee, is there a decent hairdresser?”

    is our money really going to be spent sending latte and hairdressers to bumpkins? what’s wrong with granulated coffee, a pudding basin, and your mother’s dressmaking shears?


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