“Fuck me, Western Australia.”

How much time is being lost in media workplaces today because of this document?

This passage was striking: “Mr Leckie: Mate, I have counted that, between Nine and Seven, I’ve been a CEO for twenty years. I’m tired. It’s time, I have no choice. I will still be involved, though. I will not leave my office. I will still call people, I will still call the shots. I am the frigging boss of the fuckwits at WAN. I’ll fix them right up. It will take me five minutes to fix the idiots on the WAN board. They are all fucking dopes. They wouldn’t know a thing about television, they don’t even get how to put a paper together. They just do what Kerry tells them. Fuck me, Western Australia.”

These remarks are disgraceful and I have the highest regard for all our past and present WAN overlords. As Mr Treasure said recently on a previous post, they are senior media people and they know what they are doing.

I note a report on page 30 of today’s West Australian quotes Mr Leckie as saying he did not say those things. He did not call WAN board members “idiots” or “fucking dopes”.

Update: Stokes blasted over inappropriate comments

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12 Responses to “Fuck me, Western Australia.”

  1. BrownBook says:

    Two more mining execs on the WAN/Seven board.

    Looking forward to some fantastic investigative journalism and rigorous tax policy debate.


  2. The Legend 101 says:

    Yeah Perth sucks.


  3. orbea says:

    could you please get your own blog?
    o, you have one.
    might i suggest you use it?


  4. Bill O'Slatter says:

    and well may we all raise our glasses and say “Fuck me , Western Australia”.


  5. WA_side says:

    Almost TL;DR, but I did scan it through – some interesting insights into how upper management operates:
    (Paraphrased)”All the files behind my desk were personal and didn’t relate to my job at all”,
    (Paraphrased) “I wrote all of my presentation ideas on paper, then they were entered and completed by my assistant” (from someone pushing digital and moving into the future).
    I must be doing it all wrong.

    Further, I want to know how I can apply for “gardening leave”.


  6. horkeye says:

    If perth so shit, maybe you all FUCK OFF and it might come good for the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Anonymous says:

    I do hope they are ironic ‘looser’s’…


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