The talking dating game…

For 21 years this cassette fuelled pre teen fantasies of tape hiss, dolby, the possibilities of chromium dioxide and talking to boys. Now the oxide covered tape is spooled all over Fort Street Bayswater like whale shark semen off the Ningaloo Reef. Perhaps the tape was inserted before reading the instructions.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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18 Responses to The talking dating game…

  1. shazza says:

    How to insert your date tape? Woohee, there’s some puns a comin. Lets see how long til Bree gets a mention.


  2. skink says:

    something appears to have been nibbling at the corner of the tape, and has reawoken adolescent fears of vagina dentata


  3. Pete says:

    Pre teens, Whale Sharks & Ningaloo. All you need is a dusty street – oh, you have, how nice.


  4. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    This is fucking fabulous, reminiscent of Benign Girl


  5. Bento says:

    I used to use Date Tape. Now I prefer Date Cable Ties – they’re much easier to fasten with one hand.


  6. David Cohen says:

    I love a big brown date.


  7. greggo says:

    Another piece of condensational genius from Prof Wurst. Back in 1989, Australians only spoke of dating with a mocking american accent, or mocking references to anal passages. But just a few years later this training tape came into its own, with the invention of online dating. Typically, this involved meeting with a female employee of a dotcom startup who you believed was just your type going by her profile on the said dotcom startup. Basically she just wanted you to extend your paid membership of the said startup. The real point though was that dating marked the End of Feminism since almost all online dates are after your money, screwing five other men, fat, ugly and stupid. Basically, no different from men. But as cosmic compensation, at the same time, 1989, the Berlin Wall collapsed and for years you could get a root out East just by saying “Give me a root, I’m from out of town ie downtown, where it’s all happening. Baby.” Thus this simple tape symbolises more than the now – and then – thick woman who tossed it away will ever know.


  8. River Ralphie says:

    Date Tape facilitates date rape?


  9. Melanie says:

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