Weekend Worstoff 69

I think I should have a piece in The West today, but haven’t got the paper yet. I usually wait for the free version at work on Monday, but might have to make an exception this time. Tell me what you think. Hopefully I’ll get letters from Paul Murray, Pam (I’m still here dearies) Cassselllas, Michele Philips and Zoltan Kovacs  congratulating me on my work.

Was at the future of journalism conference last night. It really was journos vs bloggers. Here’s Tama Leaver, William Bowe & Tim Burrowes versus the journos gathered round the beer and pizza. You can see Outrage Cohen spiking the pizzas on the left. (Sorry about the quality, but sometimes journos and bloggers benefit from blurry pics). An exception was Karina Carvalho who was smouldering seductively at the door. Unfortunately she didn’t have her Michael Jackson Jacket on.

It was quite interesting. Lots of stuff about how good journalism is going to be paid for. Helping the bottom line will be a reluctance to pay a member of the public anything for submitting breaking news photos. Perhaps there needs to be a citizen journo agent who will get them their just desserts? “To each according to their needs” Cohen might be a candidate.

Liam Phillips from WAtoday bore an uncanny resemblance to Warwick Fairfax. Scary. ABC’s kim Jordan came across as a bit of a wanker. Well a lot of a wanker actually. His Twitter denialism was also very, very funny. This was about the future of journalism right Kim? The most amusing moment was when people were told to turn their mobile phones off. Err, future guys. Anyone who did is not going to be part of the future.


Outrage Cohen, who was spruiking Communism or suchlike for the union last night, sent in this link for winking pants. I’d go blue eyes I think.

I saw this car sticker which reads “My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter.”Is that Mr Rosemeyer in Yokine? I thought he was a cabinet maker?


Worst well everyone. Time to start sending in letters complaining about my article today.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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25 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 69

  1. skink says:

    Congratulations on your piece in the West, which I devoured with alacrity.

    I was surprised that you chose not to take full credit for the removal of The Boozies, and that you did not take the opportunity to give The Smiths a serve

    several other questions come to mind:

    1. how many drinks did you have to buy Daniel Hatch to get that gig?

    2. does this mean that you are now The West’s bitch?

    3. if you are now the West’s bitch, will this blog be more lenient on Nurry, Castlearse, and Inside Cover?

    4. Now that TWOP has appeared in The West, which is a Worst, does that mean that TWOP itself is now a Worst, in some sort of hideous mirrors-within-mirrors infinite regression?


  2. skink says:

    “Lots of stuff about how good journalism is going to be paid for”

    any stuff about how good journalism in this state was going to be achieved? It’s not like they have much of a track record.

    the most important question I would have asked Karina Cavalho is:

    “who is the twat who writes those awful pun headlines that appear behind her on the ABC news?”

    recent cringeworthy examples:

    government carbon trding voted down: “Cap askew”

    Dockers to get new chairman: “Losing Hart”

    stop it. stop it now.


  3. curious says:

    very amusing article aussie, i think you might be onto something with the wine fuelled selection process.

    i am quietly proud of the fact that i managed to prevent a northbridge development i am involved with to hand a public art commission to the smiths on a bronze platter.


    • Awesome. The Smiths can’t complain, they’ve had plenty of work. I don’t mind their Swans fountain at Casino, but generally their work is a blight on the city. They could never come up with an arse scratcher. No way.


  4. Rolly says:

    “who is the twat who writes those awful pun headlines that appear behind her on the ABC news?”

    More to the point; who is the twat who lets these things get to air????

    Auntie has been steadily lowering her drawers (or raising her skirts) (or both) since some mindless moron decided that the best way to hang onto the funding was to gather a bigger share of the ratings, and decided that the best way to do this was by lowering their standards closer to the those of the commercial networks.

    I think that they must have hired some sub editorial reject from a yellow rag like the “West”.

    Frankly I find it both pathetic and condescending.

    Whoever writes the scripts for the News slots has real difficulty in understanding the concept of intelligent presentation.

    Similarly, the ABC internet news site needs to find someone who has an intelligent turn of phrase.

    At one time, Auntie stood out as a beacon in an otherwise dark world of brash commercialism. Not any more.

    The standard has been lowered, seemingly forever, on that old flagship of quality journalism and accurate information.


    • Richarbl says:

      I remember reading a headline in the West which stated…

      “Five children die in house fire, mother not hurt.

      I’ll bet she was….. you insensitive cunts.


  5. shazza says:

    Shouldn’t that read ‘used to be a carpenter’.


  6. Hugh Jass says:

    Congrats on the article in the Worst today, well worth the read.

    It’s not just the City of Perth, or any of the suburban metropolitan councils that are great at art work, there’s a very strage looking piece of “art” which I drive past every day on the way to work down here in Bunvegas. I still have not quite figured out what it is, and why it’s there. I’ll stop and get a snap as soon as I can.



  7. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Well done on the article, I read it thinking someone was ripping you off, then I realized you had ventured over to the dark side. Not quite up to Cassellas standard though, you didn’t mention your pussy once.


  8. shazza says:

    Congrats on the West article TLA. Was surprised to note there was not one ‘at first blush’, in the whole article. Oh well, next time hey?


  9. margeryx says:

    To think just last month 9/11 truthers were calling you a journo, and now you is one.


  10. Kim Jordan vs Tama Leaver is the wanker-off of the century.

    I missed a clash of the titans, alas.


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