Pray for Bulldozer

Worst Church/Architecture

Demolished as of 28th February 2013.

Hugh sent me this one from Guildford Rd near 7th Avenue. Pray Hard. It’s not strictly a church Hugh. It’s a grotto. Does it light at night?



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51 Responses to Pray for Bulldozer

  1. Hugh says:

    Does it light at night? Strewth, you think I have sufficient “faith” to allow me to go near there at night? Mate, I’ve seen enough movies involving Christian relics/symbols/places of worship to know that anyone with half a brain doesn’t hang around till after dark to find out if they light up. If it glows, I goes…


  2. lazyaussie says:

    I will go and find out. If I don’t come back, pray for Australia.


  3. golden1 says:

    Is that a push-me-pull-you in the back ground? Behind the peasants, next to the pigs and goat. Maybe they are praying for one with the more conventional two heads. The one they have appears to have two arses.


  4. lazyaussie says:

    G1, I think it’s a picture of a grotto, making it a meta-grotto


  5. Les says:

    can you photoshop rudd and howard inside the cage


  6. lazyaussie says:

    That is them in the mosaic.


  7. It’s naturally Pray for Australia, pray for Gold ! or is their theology slightly confused.


  8. golden1 says:

    Do you call the grotty grout guy when you have a grotty grotto?


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  10. Cuntox says:

    I used to walk past this monstrosity coming home from work when I had the misfortune of living in Perth. There were several things that bothered me about this miserable piece of shit.
    Firstly, at first glances, it looks like something interesting like an old time diner or a fancy entrance to one of those kitsch cinemas. However, in fact it is a place of worship (total letdown).
    Secondly is the sign, “PRAY FOR AUSTRALIA”, Did the people who built this believe that Australia is so fucked that only divine intervention will make this hole worthy of habitation? Further from that, is it so completely fucked that a sign needs to be erected permanently to remind people of that fact?
    Finally is the fact that an area with high-density housing has a good quarter acher dedicated to an archaic idea that grovelling to a dead woman will give you a special place in heaven.


  11. Yes you’re right Big C. For a moment it looks like it is going to be interesting. I hadn’t thought of that before, but yes, that’s why it’s bad. You should be able to go up and buy a milkshake.


  12. CK says:

    Is there a hidden Confessional behind the BVM? If not, why not?


  13. Is this thing still extant? I didn’t see it last time I went down Guildford Rd.


  14. vegan says:

    fairly certain it is, it’s in my hood.


  15. janezee says:

    There is an EVP grotto. Grotto/wishing well. With concrete. and I believe neon


  16. Jemar says:

    Hi,I have been skimming tgoruhh this website and so far I don’t see anything that will slightly make me want to convert to Christianity because logically I would never accept a concept of God having partners.Here’s where Islam kicks in and what a religion Islam is so precise and even someone with limited knowledge would understand it.1 God no deity worthy of worship but him.And the way the Muslims worship Allah the Bowing and prostration isn’t there a passage in the bible when Jesus prostrated to his lord?Islam did not just come down as a religion it came down as a guideline to life, the sharia when established correctly in its complete form has a few general purposes to safeguard your mind,wealth,body,soul,chastity,etc. anything made forbidden in the sharia is only good for you eg; drugs,alcohol,fornication.Look at todays social issues and common diseases what are they caused by? Everything which God has told us to stay away from.I advise all non Muslims reading this to get a copy of the Quran and read it as it came down as the final testament.1 last point Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West (Australia,UK,America,Europe)


  17. Rolly says:

    Islam will, most likely, wipe itself out with internecine wars, jihads, mindless martyrdom and reluctance to move forward with the times.
    That suits me fine.
    I reckon that all religion sucks anyway.


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