Park The Duchie

Deckard Bishop has sent in this superb Worst of Perth offering. It’s a carpark at Edith Cowan University. Deckard says,
Here’s an example of how to disguise a car park with something more hideous than the original and how to design a building while snorting large amount of mind-altering jelly.

That’s what I’m talking about big D. Are the cars parked out on the street because the covered carpark is full, or because they just refused to enter? For those outside Perth, Edith Cowan is one of Perth’s universities. Originally they wanted to be called Perth University, (good move) but I think they were forced to name it Edith Cowan by the government who was putting up the money. (Tough break kid). That decision may come back to bite them. You couldn’t imagine that any government would allow “Perth University” to fold, but Edith Cowan? Meh…

Edith Cowan was, I think the state’s first woman MP. If only she’d had a decent name – like Deckard. Deckard Uni would have sounded much better. What campus is that Deck? I want to put up directions for those who want to see it. (Actually I had forgotten we still had an Edith Cowan Uni – whoops!)

The design reminds me of multiple chopsticks snapping at the last piece of pork, or maybe the sort of design you saw on the side of cars in the 80’s.


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28 Responses to Park The Duchie

  1. meccano says:

    Magnificent! Now I finally see where the up-front fees are going. If it was a church I would worship there.


  2. lazyaussie says:

    Also, can someone tow away that white mitsubishi. Seriously ugly parking.


  3. Robotnik says:

    I’ve been working at ECU for four years and always assumed this to be a Chinese food hall that I just hadn’t got around to …


  4. Golden1 says:

    “Seriously ugly parking.” – It’s the kind of parking you would expect to see in “Day Of The Triffids” – The day after the comets fell!


  5. lazyaussie says:

    A comet that also blinded the architect.


  6. Deckard Bishop says:

    This be on the Mount Lawley campus at the end of Bradford Street. Make sure you put your sunnies on before you drive down the road or you may suffer a similar fate to those hapless souls in the Day of the Triffids!


  7. Jac says:

    Perhaps if they put the words ‘Car Park’ somewhere on it, people would know.

    Or perhaps its all a ploy to keep the car parks hidden from students.


  8. lazyaussie says:

    Robotnik #3. Could be Mao’s famous “Iron Rice Bowl”.


  9. lazyaussie says:

    Jac#6. Maybe that does say car park? I think it’s written in “linear B” from ancient Crete.


  10. lazyaussie says:

    #6 Thanks Deckard.


  11. Golden1 says:

    And if not perhaps he/she should be blinded with one of his/her own chopsticks as punishment.


  12. Rage says:

    That isn’t a JCY piece, is it?


  13. meccano says:

    “The architecture of Jones Coulter Young (JCY) is symbolic of the extreme colours and context of Western Australia. The volumetric, figurative and formal explorations of their public buildings are immediately identifiable,”

    This could definately be them, including the mitubishi.


  14. meccano says:

    #4 ah golden1, just got it, everyone was blind. Sorry – slow. It looks as though it was designed after the comets fell also.


  15. lazyaussie says:

    “Meccano where is this from?

    “The architecture of Jones Coulter Young (JCY) is symbolic of the extreme colours and context of Western Australia. The volumetric, figurative and formal explorations of their public buildings are immediately identifiable,”

    Are they the Convention Centre guys too? Must send them a worst of Perth award.

    Oh, rage, that was from you. Did they do the other fruity looking buildings on the campus I am going to post soon?


  16. lazyaussie says:

    Don’t see the carpark on JCY’s website, but do see the other buildings.


  17. meccano says:

    They did Mount Lawley High I believe.


  18. lazyaussie says:

    Who hasn’t?


  19. meccano says:

    If they didn’t do it they were near it.
    Projects with Jones Coulter Young –
    1998 – 2000 Edith Cowan University Science & Health Building, Joondalup Campus W.A.


  20. meccano says:

    #15 Lazyaussie – “The architecture of Jones Coulter Young” (Pesaro Publishing, 2005).


  21. meccano says:

    #18 I used to do Mt Lawley High[s] but you just can’t trust what’s in them these days. I’m on patches now.


  22. Rage says:

    Although I must admit to being quite partial to their library at the ECU churchlands campus.


  23. lazyaussie says:

    #22 Rage. Isn’t there a reasonable looking wood covered one at Joondalup?


  24. lazyaussie says:

    Cimbali, I sent link to your walking tour to Kal council, so if your honkies run dry, and all your pond women “gang a glae”, and Gormley is flown in from the UK for a hills revamp, you can take the credit.


  25. Cimbali says:

    Meccano as I recall you did worship at ECU’s Mt Lawley campus. You never been quite the same since that cult got hold of you.


  26. meccano says:

    “Cult” is that a typo? Wash your mouth out Cimbali, – three Hail marys’ and six Harold Pinters’ – or maybe just two bloody Marys’ and an Oscar Wilde.


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  28. numbat says:

    That’s the teachers car park for Mt Lawley Senior High – doesn’t have anything to do with ECU (except being visible from the WAAPA building…)


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