Maylands Babylon

A celebrated whirlpool on the coast of Norway.
Also Fig. ; as, a maelstrom of vice.

One is and is not in the centre of the maelstrom of it all.
Harold Pinter

Capt. Donnelly: 13,453 dollars and 63 cents. That’s how much an unmarked squad car costs this department. That’s the third goddamned car you trashed this month.
Harry Callahan: Lou Janero.
Capt. Donnelly: What?
Harry Callahan: It’s his men who shot up the car, why don’t you send him the bill? -The Dead Pool

You can live the celebrity Harold Pinter spa life in Maylands if you like, but if you don’t, cover it up with some corrugated sheeting, and whatever you do don’t empty the water for 2 years. I love it. here you see a Maylands resident revelling in the knowledge of his septic spa. The thing is, they’re still in it every Friday night. Thanks for the shot guys.

If you’re getting those massive black mosquitoes in Maylands/Bayswater, here is the source.

Maylands babylon

Maylands Babylon

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22 Responses to Maylands Babylon

  1. Mazarina says:

    brings a tear to the eye!


  2. Vic Demised says:

    Somebody notify Hans Blix. This is obviously some kind of bioweapons program -probably sourced from Saddam.


  3. squib says:

    I’d love to see them call out a PoolWerx person for a spa clean, just to see the look on their face


  4. forkboy says:

    obviously a new attction for the kiddies at WATERWOLD at the end of Penn Ave…….ahhhh the memories


  5. forkboy says:

    sorry that was WATERWORLD…… ref to Costners epic fail needed please.


  6. Groucho says:

    It smells “Organic Spa” to me…..


  7. forkboy says:

    Is that child in the top picture wearing the black tracky daks holding a cigarette??………….tis truely a maylands sprog…..


  8. Groucho says:

    I think it is a midget and the cigarette is proof that it stunts your growth…….


  9. forkboy says:

    At last concrete evidence that Maylands residents evolved from a shallow gene pool…..or spa


  10. Should have labelled this one The Dead Pool.


  11. Mrs Vagina says:

    I’ve always wanted to sink my fat bloated body into a pool of other people’s bong water….


  12. Groucho says:

    Then this sacred Maylands site would be classified as a Bill-a-Bong……I think I feel a song coming on…..


  13. David Cohen says:

    Wonderful whirlpool,
    Green goo soothing aches and pains:
    Visit Bad Maylands.


  14. forkboy says:

    Shallow gene spa kid
    fleeing from Maylands Maelstrom
    Swim towards Success


  15. Groucho says:

    I think I have seen the advertisment for this place :

    Deep soothing spring waters, mineral mud organic face mask, corrugated vibrating mattress, tarpoulin body wrap technique, fresh straight from the garden hello vera moisturisng lotion applied by a midget massuese (who is related to Vera) all in a natural environment …..extras available upon request !


  16. David Cohen says:

    Oh no. forkboy is writing haiku superior to mine.


  17. forkboy says:

    Im am your humble Grasshopper Cohen


  18. arse over spray jet
    our spa of Ganges water
    my backside dissolves


  19. Bento says:

    Hugh Hefner’s grotto
    Midget with bongwater bath
    We’re living the dream


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