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I did have the feeling that Perth graffiti had matured. Has there not been just a few less C&Bs out there? I don’t mean 3d versions. However this pic by Prince Angar of Avacal aka Ninefingers took me back over half … Continue reading

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As tight as a

By Orbea. North Fremantle.

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I still taste lame

Andrew J takes us to Bibra Lake, where the lameness of the graffiti takes on the brutal lameness of the built environment.

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Rachael’s Legs

By RubyRuby. Alexander Heights. This one is pretty funny. Right up there with Supa (N)IGA.

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The Mundaring Hotel has been done up. I like that they have renovated the ladies but not the men’s. I respect that. I also like the occasionally rhetorical urinal quiz. I’m not sure if I should have pixilated. Maybe being … Continue reading

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Fuck off China

Indeed. By #NF1. Inglewood. Talk about your front loaders!

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Your Lying Dog

Well ok , it’s 4.499909 ks, but that doesn’t excuse you’re apostrophe mis’use. But I agree, Sherridan’s a lying dog. Even though it’s spelt Sheridan. By AW. Location unknown.

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Bending franchise

D in London doubts it, but willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. The skid mark did bend like a motherfucker.

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IAC Building New York

Some more worsting New York style from BSWAM. Two views of the IAC Building. I like the penis tanks. Is that C&B Ukranian style? Graffiti probably done by a Shedist.

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Shimed Off

Is it really gone? The battle of the morning star, discussed here 4 or 5 years ago, but up there for so many years before? So many Worsts are becoming vanished these days. Have a click on the vanished worst … Continue reading

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