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Crossways Subiaco. Finally some gunt led vibrancy coming back to Subi. By Cerebral Excrement. At least their kerning isn’t that bad. I guess.

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A snapshot in The Post

By Pete F. No idea what hey want to bring back. Subiaco vibrancy? Or is it The Post constructing the news again. Subiaco.

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Even if you spell it right, it’s above Darch. It’s for sale.

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Arse Master

A one car vibrancy remastering of Subiaco, as seen by Pete F. Maybe Maylands hasn’t won yet! I hope he has somebody covering Saturdays. I assume it’s directed at the parking inspector, although I would hope it is aimed at … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 261

Was good experimenting with a more editorial style WW last week. Will try again. This by “Dog’s Bollock” Pollock. Seen By The King. Thing is, it has never been about looks with Alannah, (obviously) so it is baffling as to … Continue reading

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Several bags weed

By James N. Fremantle. And a baffling tape up from Subiaco. A Celtics paste up is not going to restore vibrancy node 1 to Subi. It’s played man. Forget it.

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Zero Percent

Subi talks about opening the markets again and suddenly it’s fuck you we’re vibrant discounts everywhere. Pete F.

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Save them for later

By Hugh Jass. Mueller Park Subiaco.

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Merry Xmas by Pete F. From uncanny alley Subiaco.

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Ratepayers shafted by council amalgamation

Thanks to Nedlandz Tiger. “Council amalgamation will be a spruut to the face of the Western suburbs!” ejaculated Max Hipkins, independent candidate for Nedlands at an emergency meeting to discuss the Robson Report last night. Candidate Hipkins, whose visceral powerpoint illustrating council amalgamation plans using … Continue reading

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