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and Sniff?

They’ve thought of the scratch, but thought stopped before they had a chance to think about the sniff. Stop trying so hard Maylands, Subi is dead already. By Mat.  

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Six White Boomers

Mommy…. Where’s my mommy? They’ve taken her away We’ll help you find your mommy, son Hop up on the sleigh So up inside the bag of toys Little joey hopped But they hadn’t gone far when santa stopped… Bento saw … Continue reading

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Climate Change

Snuff is still on tour, but Orbea reminds us that although it’s still Winter, it’s no secret that hot flushes are on their way. Subiaco. Although secrets of senility would probably be the go for this Subiaco location.

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Outrage Sunday 157 Boxer Troy Gomes

Again with the Premier Buswell, this time from Aunty via Dave P. Hard-hitting news about a Myer model’s efforts towards a Gaza cease-fire, and a boxer’s promise that no child will be without a Tim Winton paperback to read at … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 154 Fatsogram

I was at Parliament on Buswell business when this caught my eye. What a proud specimen! And the names! Mick Nanovich, Des Dans, Colin Jamieson (Opp Leader ’76-’78), Clive Griffiths! They were heady times: only 29 days earlier Charles Court … Continue reading

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Crossways Subiaco. Finally some gunt led vibrancy coming back to Subi. By Cerebral Excrement. At least their kerning isn’t that bad. I guess.

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A snapshot in The Post

By Pete F. No idea what hey want to bring back. Subiaco vibrancy? Or is it The Post constructing the news again. Subiaco.

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