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Free beer tomorrow, elephant gods today. Eighth Avenue Maylands is still shitting all over Rockeby Rd Subiaco. What will they come up with next? Free parking? 

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Outrage Sunday 217 no dice

No wonder I’m a tempranillo man. No-one’s going to drink your chardonnay if you can’t get the dice right. Now you’re going to have to have No Junk Mail stickers on your car! Why oh why hasn’t the state government … Continue reading

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Precinct 1

Two signs. Hugh Jass wonders if the Jar Jar goofy style of Subi’s sign is deliberate. “Me so apologises”,  to soften the reality that Rokeby Rd improvements are just rearranging the dickheads on the Titanic? And Bento wonders how many … Continue reading

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I’ll pretend I know what this means. Subiaco. I think I took this myself.  

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Coot Amore

I really thought this shop was celebrating Coot Culture. It was after all Subiaco, where old coots and buffers have managed to kill off any life in their own suburb. If they are about to die, why should these young … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 199 forever unclean

Yikes! Spiritual danger on the Fremantle line! I wonder if s/he is mates with Shenton? Anyway, I gave my phone a quick rinse in Napi-San when I got home, let me tell you. Can Meryl Styants remove the unclean? I … Continue reading

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and Sniff?

They’ve thought of the scratch, but thought stopped before they had a chance to think about the sniff. Stop trying so hard Maylands, Subi is dead already. By Mat.  

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