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Mos Mag Mystery

I’m not exactly sure what’s worst about this Mosman Park Magna, but if Pete F. Sends it in…is it the parking, the bonnet?  What am I looking at here?  

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In Custody

Mosman Park. Naturally. Pete F. Marvellous.    

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I can’t look at this Claremont artwork without getting itchy nurries. Why is Claremont commissioning 3D C&B? Why would they do that? Why?  By Pete F.       

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I don’t really know what this means. By Pete f. “Not looking for sharks”.

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Be Creative

I don’t know. Pete F. Mosman Park. Is the creativity the matte paint? The lying  emission controls?

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I would have been more impressed with Spainish – from Itaily. By Pete F. Fremantle.

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Rock Solid

Never had Carnamah, (I don’t think) so here it is. By Pete F.Not sure of the meaning of Rock Solid. That’s a wheat bag right? And the neck beard?

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