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Calling Dr. Bombay

Although, if this was Subiaco,  then it might have been Dr. Kavorkian not Dr. Bombay…Who is also dead…Like Subi.But, you’re not Subi, so you’re alright. Claremont. Pete F.

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Mt Claremont Dreaming

Nice. With exemplary back door documentation by Pete F. God these are awful.

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Shot of Steam

Exquisite shot from Pete F. Taking surfing beyond retro. Cottesloe.

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Join the spruuts

Pete F. Documents the astonishing “doodle” competition in the Subiaco Post. $10 C&B! A bargain!

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To the palm displaying

Not in those climes where I have late been spruuuting, Though Cocos long hath there been matchless deemed, Not in those visions to the palm displaying Cottons which it sighs but to have only dreamed. Pete F sees a sculpture … Continue reading

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As parts from MH370 begin to wash up on Port Beach (fuck off Augusta – as if!) the secret cargo was revealed as…live sharks. By Pete F. Fremantle. I like how local stilt walkers have already looted the sharks.

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I must admit, this sounds more like 2nd Ave (N) IGA, but not sure where. By Pete F, so possibly SoFro?

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