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Mt Claremont Dreaming

Nice. With exemplary back door documentation by Pete F. God these are awful.

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Shot of Steam

Exquisite shot from Pete F. Taking surfing beyond retro. Cottesloe.

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Join the spruuts

Pete F. Documents the astonishing “doodle” competition in the Subiaco Post. $10 C&B! A bargain!

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To the palm displaying

Not in those climes where I have late been spruuuting, Though Cocos long hath there been matchless deemed, Not in those visions to the palm displaying Cottons which it sighs but to have only dreamed. Pete F sees a sculpture … Continue reading

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As parts from MH370 begin to wash up on Port Beach (fuck off Augusta – as if!) the secret cargo was revealed as…live sharks. By Pete F. Fremantle. I like how local stilt walkers have already looted the sharks.

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I must admit, this sounds more like 2nd Ave (N) IGA, but not sure where. By Pete F, so possibly SoFro?

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Foreigner Driver

I guess in some parts of the world this note might be justifiably calculated to elicit a sympathetic response. The foreigner might get a little slack with their traffic faux pas. Big mistake here though. Just going to be assaulted, … Continue reading

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