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Is that piss stream sexist? Is it? Is it dissing that accreditation? If so it has no place on Stirling Highway. By Pete F.

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I weep in kerning shops. Truly I do. You could get a truckload of colons in there. Come on! by Pete F. Tawarri, Dalkeith.

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I pity the Dominos promo

By Pete F, Dalkeith.

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Laminate Blues

Saw a poodle in a jacket fastened with a pin, Saw a door opened and a cat let in: But they weren’t Peppermint Grove residents, my dear, but they weren’t Peppermint Grove residents. Walked through a wood, saw the turds … Continue reading

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Look, I t’s how I roll. True story. By Pete F. Mosman Park, aka MosRiverseapark.

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Should young worsters want to know how it’s done, Pete F provides the template. Almost perfect. The stupidity, the desolation, the shit construction, the relentless blue skies. Wow. Just wow. Henderson.

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Upskirt and No-Standing – A Perthonality Sits. Mother in law tongues writhing like a prostitute’s Up Tiger Woods’ back door. Pete F attempts some paparazzi blowback.

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