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Look, I t’s how I roll. True story. By Pete F. Mosman Park, aka MosRiverseapark.

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Should young worsters want to know how it’s done, Pete F provides the template. Almost perfect. The stupidity, the desolation, the shit construction, the relentless blue skies. Wow. Just wow. Henderson.

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Upskirt and No-Standing – A Perthonality Sits. Mother in law tongues writhing like a prostitute’s Up Tiger Woods’ back door. Pete F attempts some paparazzi blowback.

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King Pork

Pete F. Documents the decadent verge life in the western suburbs. Is that a pogo stick?

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The New Gnangara

What is the deal with bong graveyards? They seem to be often associated with bodies of water. To fill up? Gnangara pine forest for cars and murder victims. Riversea for bongs. Rendered beautifully by Pete F.

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War of the Dozers

But perhaps a little just warring? Fremantle Arts Centre Comedy of Errors was disrupted (as was Pete F’s snooze) by some worthy peacenickery. Sound trumpets! let our Jervois Thunder colours wave! And either victory, or else an empty Ugg boot … Continue reading

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Viva Las Ascot

I’m sure we had the old Ascot Hotel on here once? Derelict gazebos etc? Now as Pete F shows, it’s all gold urinals and individual chandeliers. Grab your chance to wee on these while the gold is relatively gilt. I … Continue reading

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