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Too Soon

Why pull down your Christmas tree now? When Xmas is only days away? It’s almost fucking September! You’ve put in the time investment. Weak as piss to pull out now. By Pete F. Claremont. In Cocos.  

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Dalkeith Thong Rapture

Well Dalkeithers aren’t going to be left behind are they? By Pete F. 

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Could be anywhere

Don’t narrow it down. Could be anywhere not under She-Ra’s domain. Wait. Looking closer. Nedlands? Oh no. No. Seriously no. Ever since Sir Charles Court… By Pete F.   

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The road to Dalkeith…

…is paved with sheer piss. By Pete F.      

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Pete F reminds us that there is still a Steve’s Tavern in Nedlands. The only question is why is there still a Steve’s? I remember in the 80s when you could spill out of Steve’s, piss in a pensioner’s letterbox, … Continue reading

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Shoes of the fisherman

I’m not sure whether you’d be best catching some “milfs” on a lure or baited hook. Banana cake burley? Pete F. Maylands.  

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You can’t handle the herbal

Simply marvellous demonstration of the Albany commercial rental market by Pete F.   

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