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To the palm displaying

Not in those climes where I have late been spruuuting, Though Cocos long hath there been matchless deemed, Not in those visions to the palm displaying Cottons which it sighs but to have only dreamed. Pete F sees a sculpture … Continue reading

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As parts from MH370 begin to wash up on Port Beach (fuck off Augusta – as if!) the secret cargo was revealed as…live sharks. By Pete F. Fremantle. I like how local stilt walkers have already looted the sharks.

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I must admit, this sounds more like 2nd Ave (N) IGA, but not sure where. By Pete F, so possibly SoFro?

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Foreigner Driver

I guess in some parts of the world this note might be justifiably calculated to elicit a sympathetic response. The foreigner might get a little slack with their traffic faux pas. Big mistake here though. Just going to be assaulted, … Continue reading

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A snapshot in The Post

By Pete F. No idea what hey want to bring back. Subiaco vibrancy? Or is it The Post constructing the news again. Subiaco.

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Teen boy lands seed

Hardly newsworthy, even in the sensation starved Western suburbs. Teenage boys are going to be landing seed left right and centre. Sometimes even on the ceiling. Surely it’s where they land it that’s important. From this spot in the Claremont … Continue reading

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Inside Job

I like that this is on the inside of the glass. By Pete F who also claims to have been served a drink in a jar in Rockingham. Was it at CHD’s?

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Arse Master

A one car vibrancy remastering of Subiaco, as seen by Pete F. Maybe Maylands hasn’t won yet! I hope he has somebody covering Saturdays. I assume it’s directed at the parking inspector, although I would hope it is aimed at … Continue reading

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South of the Border

Pete F sees there’s now Mexican style C&B in Northbridge.

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Leighton Dreaming

Pete F. notes that the Leighton Beach Kiosk is about to become a vanished worst. Shame. Looks a great place to Winton. “The hotdogs roiling in the pink water as we fartarsed…”

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