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Peak Vibrancy

AYK notes that we’re over the vibrancy hump now and are descending into debauchery, followed by ennui, then by being knobbed by Vandals, Visigoths &cetera. This is our “lead cooking pots”. Perth vibrancy. It’s totally played man. CBD.

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Year Zero

Daniel B takes us back to a simpler time, before vibrancy, when Michael Jordan could still sell colons. I don’t remember Rumba Bar. I found a dead link which claimed that wet pussies were only $6 and mojitos $8. This … Continue reading

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Worth a Try

Raine Square. By BurgerD.

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Let’s Go Fifo

I genuinely thought that since this was Woodside, it was meant to be urging on Fifo’s to better productivity. I realise now they mean the Cockburn Thunder, who I have an awful feeling are going to win the footy, topping … Continue reading

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I miss the way

City. Remember the Diggers.

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True Religion. Is this an insult to jeans or religion? And in possibly related news, the hideous Teh Stockade on the corner of Wellington and Barrack seems to have finally, mercifully closed. I always wanted to do a post on … Continue reading

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Ultra Burl

You can take a centuries old tree and cut a slice out of it, but no matter how old or what you do with it, your burl gotta look shit no matter what. It unfortunately looks better in my photo … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 183

Sneebah was baffled by the Belmont Fedex Mission statement. Baffled, but kind of inspired too. Lani saw a mattress under investigation in reservoir Victoria. And some which escaped the dragnet. Fiona of Mt Lawley sends a handbill from Jack Van … Continue reading

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Bento notes that Wesley Church, home of the Emo is hosting some more public art. Nothing as outlandish as past pieces, just the simple message that the church supports blacks, whites( and possibly homosexuals), no matter how bad their head … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 174

A nice one by RubyRuby. The blind would have to guess that high up on the wall there might be a sign telling them if the place is dogging friendly. Another Chogm welcome by Tullio. Looks like they were going … Continue reading

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