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I’m against the details

Whatever this means I don’t like it.

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The Association.

What student association is this display for at Curtin’s open day? Beautiful.

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Not Worst

To the next tool that says “Get out from behind your computer screen and do something positive, blah, blah…Jesus, something, blah…” Soak it in alcohol and shove it up Paul Murray’s arse.

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Secret Curtin

Here’s a not worst coming up. My exhibition, Secret Curtin featuring images from my 20 years of photographing the campus.

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The Sossie Monologues

Curtin’s witty response to Murdoch flapjacks.

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Weekend Worstoff 174

A nice one by RubyRuby. The blind would have to guess that high up on the wall there might be a sign telling them if the place is dogging friendly. Another Chogm welcome by Tullio. Looks like they were going … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 166

Michael Sutherland Mt Lawley.Lucky Star saw this clown in Wangara. Just putting the words clown and Wangara together is worthy. Natalia Fan#1 liked the sinister black glove on the board, perhaps showing why they need a standup workshop at Wembley … Continue reading

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