I’d make an offer TBH.   Or are these books 50 Cent recommends? Loving how he rocks that chain. By Simon G. 


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Chair baggsing

Lovely Belle Ende Epoch lighting, highlighting the practice of “chairing” parking spots in Mt Lawley. Just up from Bell Enders actually- if that’s still going. Is it? Or did the auto toilet outside kill the apre football trade? Can anyone tell me? One would hope a Range Rover crushed these insults to parking to Kindling shortly after. By Vegan.chair2

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New Street Art Friends

How refreshing to see Lisa She-Ra Princess of Power Scaffidi signalling an end to the tedious wall mural craze, casting the deciding vote to leave at least one fucking city wall blank. As Bento notes, “Have we given up trying to make buildings look good in their own right?” Well we never did do that in Perth anyway, but point taken. Let our shitty architectural practice be exposed for what it is – endless unimaginative shite undisguised by a pirate numbat paintjobs. Let this work return to the sides of panelvans where it generally and rightly belongs.

Wall murals are the top knot, bushranger beards, popup shops and sleeve tattoos of yesterday.

When there were no wall murals, (except for the ladder deprived Shime’s) I was all for it. Now, it’s over. It’s played. Perth, go home. A return to a few moronic tags will be, sadly, a relief.

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Where I bought my arse

Back door sale. Inglewood. 


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Reign of Error sees The Australian flag, the unofficial confederate Beam flag – (Our own official racist confederate flag is of course the Eureka flag) flanked by Cocii rampant! With bonus hubcaps! Magnificent! Dwellingup.flags

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Garlic Munchers

Is that racist? And what with garlic prices the way they are, surely it would only be Claremont Tiger fans who could afford to munch it these days. Bassendean.munchers

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Outrage Sunday 206 Miller time!

It’s Penny Miller catalogue time again! Once again I have selflessly thought of what will make my Worsting comrades happy! I know Bento will love these dolphin stickers for his executive bathroom at his work! He will be one of the Illuminati!  


I know TLA adore this for his dunny! He can gaze at the skittish creatures as he strains at his Wintoning! I see a rare white Denmark dugong in there! Splashdown!  


Speaking of splashdowns, I know Reign of Error will feel like an aquatic prince once one of these is in the ute! Easy to install!  


And Juan Trak will be right on time after this goes in the pool room! PM has customised it for our great state! 2pm is Brian Burke scolding Norm Marlborough! 11pm is “Watcha lookin at cunt?”! 3am is the sound of a Holden going into a Darch home! Your wellcome!  


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