Teh West’s Inside Cover was salient and supportive today. The paper of record’s columnist was nice about students at ECU Daily and said they needed just one more thing to be “real players” (as opposed to false ones): an interview with Geoffrey ‘Biggles’ Thomas. Hear hear: as this March 10 report from Mr Thomas shows, he was on the money from the get-go when it came to the demise of MH370. “It might take investigators years to work out what caused the crash”, Mr Thomas concluded – but he knew. malaysia1malaysia2

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Apology accepted

No doubt there’s a committee working on it. By The Colour H.



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Outrage Sunday 143 strictly no farting

The terrorists have won. Opposite the Art Gallery. nofarting2nofarting1

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Snuff’s Missing Links 24

Action Movie Kid.

What’s there to know, Truman ?


Degenerate racist lunatics.

That man who paints those dreadful pictures.

Babies tasting lemons (Snuff’s Missing Links 2). The movie.

Jobs have always been a byproduct of the market’s invisible hand, not its aim.

Camera dreaming.

Anti-government protesters are actually quite happy with the premier but “just aren’t aware of it”.

365 Parisiens.



The golden mean.

I got a Rolex and a Miata.

Street view.

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Verge art. Apparently. Baysie. That’s a placenta. You get that right?


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An 8 hour douche

I came for the douche. I stayed for the 8 heures.


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Irrational Hatred #8: PROSH

Bento (aka Sir Bufton Tufton) says: “Why is it that just seeing uni students having fun and raising money for charity fills me with rage? I was muttering to myself at the traffic lights this morning, just because a cheerful, pleasant young lady asked if I wanted to buy a paper. Then I felt the need to snort derisively at my very nice colleague, and offer my opinion (uninvited) on his lunchtime reading material.” Ha! He sounds like Rolly’s nephew. What do TWOPers think? Has PROSH jumped the shark? Let me be clear: I yield to no-one in my admiration of the young people’s work. prosh

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