That’s how to disguise a chopped Cocos. Embleton.cocky

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All kerning is local

Is it a good thing or bad thing when protest graffiti is kerned well? There’s a fucking colon! I say just chuck in a couple of c&bs and let the devil take the kernmost. Fremantle

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Metrosexual Bingo

i just love this scene. Serpentine Jarrahdale. As if there would be any other kind of Bingo. Or any other activity. Bogan Swing Dancing Thursdays, bogan Chinese Calligraphy Monday. By Ed. T.

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Here Piggy

With a boot full of blue swimmers…take that pigs. By Alasdair. Mandurah. 

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Live worst humility

Those who wish to hear me talk about the worst of humility this Friday morning (17th April ) can now register with Creative Mornings. Breakfast provided. But not, sadly, free piss.

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More dangling

Its to be expected some PR operatives are a bit confused: but a sub-editor at Teh West?  What a right Charlie!

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Shell Hole

Maybe some kind of thought  should have gone into the chest wound that was to be inflicted on this Digger during the design phase. I also forgot my phone was on black and white. But somehow appropriate. Fremantle.

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