Bypass the world

Bunbury is all about bypassing. You bypass Bunbury, then when the shame of where you are bypassing hits, you have to bypass the bypass. And then you essentially have to bypass your own consciousness as you bypass the multiple Bunbury bypasses. And Orbea shows the poignant detritus of the meta Bunbury bypasses. Beautiful. Soon to be vanished worst.



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Outrage Sunday 171 guardian of the Wembley dark

Bangalla Court, on Cambridge Street. Those rims were made from the nails that hung Jesus to the cross. Can you see Fraka, the trained falcon? I apologise for the lack of relentless blue sky. phantom1phantom2Another chicen outrage. False advertising: it is mute. I got worried looks from shoppers while I continually pressed the button. cluckcluckchicenIt’s enough to drive you to drink. I was delighted to intercept this, while in the company of my blond trophy wife. “It’s Cabinet Cabernets,” I exclaimed wittily – or so I thought. “You idiot,” Krazy Kym said. “Miles isn’t in the Cabinet.” cabernets

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Snuff’s Missing Links 49

The pen is hideous.

To comfort.



Nasal tampons made from bacon.

Torggler door.

Tati door.


You had your chance.

Imma firin mah lazor.

Just another racer.

I don’t need a new phone but I need this one.


The Collector.

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I hear what you’re saying

Jason A. asks if the the pet Chinese eatery juxtaposition is kind of played and racist.? Well obviously. But my heart was warmed by the beautifully subtle cocos reflections and the relentless blue sky. Let’s appreciate it for that. Also Aunger car louvres. Talk about played.


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jubilee twist

Diamond? Golden? It’s Krazy Kym’s 12th wedding anniversary next month, so the pressure is on. The Hallmark people say traditional gifts are silk or linen, while modern gifts are pearls. Yikes! They both sound at least $20,000. barnettdiamond

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There, I’ve said it.

Nothing to boast about Mt Hawthorn. It’s not like we didn’t suspect it. By Ridge.


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King Pork

Pete F. Documents the decadent verge life in the western suburbs. Is that a pogo stick?



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