Reclaim the True

 I used to weep in bookshops. You know, if reclaim racists want a song, I’m willing to let them have Hey True Blue. Arguably Australia’s shittiest song. Let it be our “Horst Vessel”. 


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One more blowout

I looked for the undies (and feces). But just the shoe. Beaufort Street. 

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Two Blowouts

Undies rupture without the benefit of Green Ginger Wine these days apparently. One by Bento North Perth. One by Pete F., Claremont.  Shouldn’t Claremont have a better brand of blowout?


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One per customer

Surely it could be considered a fucking outrage that, after grimacing your way through 4 bottles of Corona, one of the shittiest tourist grade beers – only barely palatable with a slice of lemon or indeed a clove of garlic in the neck -that you could be refused a second crappy beanie by repeating the process? Wouldn’t you be entitled to a fucking medal, if you got through 8 Coronas? Give him another beanie you wankers.  


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Outrage Sunday 210 you rock 

I know JJ will love this. I love it too: I always knew these western suburbs bays were god’s country.  



This wasn’t so rocking. WWF is making a grave error: I wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up on that new spelling show on the teev.  


Church is open, but Madkuntz is closed? See you in Maylands for some chiaking on Wednesday!  


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My assertion that art that has writing on it is never worth reading holds up. In the lane next to the astonishingly still in existence 78 Records.  


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The Sheep of Stalin

By Alasdair. Wudinna, SA.  I quite like it. Apart from the sheep. Wheat man is…kind of OK. 


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