McGowan. It’s not going to happen.

Bonus post today. Didn’t take long for my post Rottnest ennui to be broken. Now. Mark McGowan. Can we all finally agree that Mark McGowan, also better known as “The Slightly Damp Teatowel” isn’t up to the job of opposition leader? If he was up to it, he would have shown it by now. It’s never EVER going to happen. Despite Premier Barnett demonstrating himself to be a complete and utter nincompoop on a daily basis, Mark still looks and acts and performs like his namesake Teatowel. Is there really nobody else?

Mark McGowan - The Slightly Damp Teatowel.

Mark McGowan – The Slightly Damp Teatowel.

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Is nothing sacred?

Location unknown although smart arses live there. Does an innocent board have to be subjected to this so called humour? They truly are the worst of Perth. By Pete F.


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Some arts, possibly but probably not vandalised. Nah I guess the text is deliberate, otherwise, where’s the C&B on the cockroaches? Booyeembara Park, Fremantle. By Illusiver.god made me gay_IMG_20141011_125250_web

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Kalamunda “Still Baffled”…

…as ugly continues to go all the way to the bone. From Echo Kalamunda News, 11 Oct 2014.echo

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Well are youse?

Although this has more of a Kalgoorlie Cup feel. BY WGG. Mt. Hawthorn. Or Hawthorne.


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Seen at an institute of enlightenment. Ps. Go back to Russia.


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Outrage Sunday 166 Shenton is a homo

The Worst of Perth: unsafe at any bandwidth in Hungry Jack’s (so was TREAP). blockedI had better luck getting the good stuff with this service: shentonisahomoYou know you should eschew hipsterism when the jars are in bumf for balcony-clogged developments (thanks Comrade Bento). hubjarsIt’s all a little honky, and weir.honkyhire

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