Kalamunda “Still Baffled”…

…as ugly continues to go all the way to the bone. From Echo Kalamunda News, 11 Oct 2014.echo

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Well are youse?

Although this has more of a Kalgoorlie Cup feel. BY WGG. Mt. Hawthorn. Or Hawthorne.


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Seen at an institute of enlightenment. Ps. Go back to Russia.


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Outrage Sunday 166 Shenton is a homo

The Worst of Perth: unsafe at any bandwidth in Hungry Jack’s (so was TREAP). blockedI had better luck getting the good stuff with this service: shentonisahomoYou know you should eschew hipsterism when the jars are in bumf for balcony-clogged developments (thanks Comrade Bento). hubjarsIt’s all a little honky, and weir.honkyhire

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Snuff’s Missing Links 44


In England even at the actual beach I cannot find my beach.

How to load a bobcat.

Tony Abbott. Conservationist. Minister for Women.

Pigeon fanciers.

Mike Heist.

The Eye of Providence.




Théo deBlic.

Xmas is coming.

I’ve fallen and there’s a tentacle in my butt.


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Le Pussy

Bon Pussy to one another eh? In these troubled times yeah? Bon pussy my brother. Bon Pussy soul sister. Bon Pussy, old friend, Bon pussy, Bon Pussy Bon Pussy to all our readers. It’s funny, if you say Bon Pussy over and over again, the words Bon Pussy lose their meaning. I was thinking, no wonder French women always look so annoyed if they’re splashing this on, but now I see it’s local. I think they should offer a carton of ‘Pussy for a TWOP prize. Do they do a body gel for men? 2nd Avenue (N) IGA.


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The Eagle of Love

Three seperate people sent me this. Misspent Yoof was, I think the first. It seems to have struck a chord. I prefer lions myself, but each to theirs. I don’t mind it. Maybe.



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