…But if you leave your name and your number…

The angst is strong in Claremont no? Why don’t we believe what the media says? (The Post, LOL), What is food? What is free range? What isn‘t “barn” raised? Was the price of dried “apricots” jiggered around with by the Rothschilds during CHOGM? (Just let them play golf and this “question” may dissolve.) WHAT IF SIX WERE FUCKING NINE PEOPLE? WHAT IF METAMUCIL WAS BEING SPRAYED BY JETSTAR OVER GERALDTON? If only they had left their phone numbers! If only. This whole bruhaha could have been worked out. 3 Days of The Condor. Am I right? Look, this is not my fight. I was just popping in for my Depend Women Xtra Large control tops (Yeah I’m going to leave my phone number on a whiteboard you perverts). why

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And the chihuahua you rode in on

By James N, Bayswater. Of course it is.


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Dream Catcher

In Margaret River, where even the fucking trees are expected to catch dreams. By blow-in. The cowries are a nice touch.


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You park without vibrancy.

By David M. Beaufort St. Is a wild boar really practical? I’m sure you could get your penis eaten by an angry poodle, but a wild boar? Aka cingiali.


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Outrage Sunday 180 heaps free bub

Sometimes it’s the little things that outrage: Claremont.




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Trolley Apartheid

Are there trolley police? By WG. Innaloo.


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The Queen must die

One more from Reign of Error. Some beautiful Cocos chopping by Billabong. If you can’t read the sign, then the Cocos must go. But not all of it. Just enough. Juuuuust enough.cocos

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