Coastal Boozie

Several annoying new norks have appeared down South recently. At Margaret River there’s a sculpture of a woman suckling a dolphin! Is that even legal? In any case this piece really fails the “is the location better for the artwork being there” test. This really spoils the lovely natural landscape here. Maybe in the car park or as an entry statement for the new dunnies, but not there.


Back from the beach (where the dolphin suckler should also be) is the odd but a bit less annoying “skateboarder with pointy boozies”. I’m not sure if the skirt is original. I tried to pull it off to see if there was any modelled flange, but it seemed pretty tight. In any case, people were watching.



And I can’t remember if I’ve put up “Nautical Lady” before in Busselton before, but she’s worth another look. Phwoar.


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Me on 6PR tonight -anti mundite

I will be interviewed on 6PR tonight (Sunday 24th August) about Kalamunda. ie how crap the town centre is. 9:10pm. Mundites and anti-mundites, keep it locked!

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Outrage Sunday 160 torture

Is this stupidest question you’ve ever heard? They say the poor bloke they’re trying to help had electrodes attached to his nurries. Is this the sort of ice-breaker they use around the Amnesty water-cooler? “Is waterboarding worse with Perrier?” amnestySpeaking of torture and Nurries, there was more superlative cutting and pasting in Teh West yesterday. “The unreadable in full pursuit of the unfathomable,” as Kim Wilde sang at the Maylands Tavern all those years ago. murray

I may not be able to moderate comments today, as I’ll be at several Dr Who events at Luna Leederville. It was spruiked on Perth Truth Seekers: “First chance to see new Dr in Action! Meant to be the last one I think..bringing back old fashioned flirting with the girls!” In the discussion there was this insight: “The JFK thing was more to do with him bringing back currency issued by the US treasury instead of by the Federal reserve.JFK was shot in a ford Lincoln, Lincoln was shot in Fords theatre.All pre-planned.”

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With Snuff only now reaching Thetan status, NF#1 wants you to BE Inglewood.


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By Orbea. Is anyone as turned on asI am?


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Bring on the whooping cough

Non immunisers are serious knobheads. But I almost turned to their boneheaded cause after Matt sent in these excruciatingly repulsive ads he saw in the Fremantle library. Puke. Can “I’m a Kalamunda Town planner but I still immunise.” Be far away?


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Drop Everything

Big P has purchased three tables of eight for TWOP fans. Please, no outside animals.



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