Snuff’s Missing Links 40

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Edward De Bozo documents an undocumented soldier in Nannup. From the soap makers war perhaps? I thought it was all hippies down there.


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Christmas trim shop

TWOP’s resident rainmaker Bento – for it is he – is on fire this week. Spotting the first mention of the year of the Xmas spectre is ace, but identifying the fuddled meaning of the sign is the orange twist on the Negroni. inconvenience

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We can haz Free piss

Tonight Outrage taunted me by phone that he was out on a small bar Junket. I retorted that I was already in the middle of a freepiss frenzy on the other side of town. Does it really matter who was skulling the Amberley roast beef and horseradish and who was injecting the Jouert? Let’s us both separately assure youse cunts that we are both working for YOUR vibrancy ALL the time. WE TAKE NO PLEASURE FROM THE ENDLESS CHINESE SPOONS filled with prawn steaks or fennel ragu. We are working for YOUR future. In YOUR city. And…ok what’s that? An ice twin towers 9/11 Jenga? Well, I don’t mind if I do!



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A haunting scene from the western suburbs by WGG.


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Does the aboriginal have a future?

That was the disturbing (1977) question that Shazza came across (while apparently creeping the houses of shut ins and hoarders), in O’connor (?)

Absolutely! Contends #NF#1 from this equally disturbing tableau in Greenmount. Which should be in 1967, but is alas today.


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Education Cuts

The Abbott Government’s massive cuts to tertiary education have already hit UWA’s Social Sciences. That chunk of the building is already being redistributed to rich white climate change deniers.


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