Free Trade

I’m not sure whether free trade agreements will help or hinder this aspiration. Our Meth is ludicrously expensive, but our heroin..,Swings and roundabouts I guess. Or Ying and Yoni as I prefer 

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Outrage Sunday 224 apoligies 

This outrage has been sent to Bethany. I did pop in, though, to get some mulloway doodles ($79/kg).  


I came near to a meltdown at this. No wonder they are no longer with us. Language banditry.  


This was welcome comic relief. At first blush I was cheery: the tricky word had been handled nicely, but something wasn’t right… 


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Resident Vibrancy

A bloke drinking Beam and Cola on the tram, another driving a mint restored Datsun 120 Y. (Unfortunately not captured). And then my hotel has a licensed Fromagerie. That’s a cheese shop that sells piss. I’ll have half a kilo of Coon (fromage racistisme) and a pony of Melbourne Bitter (petite grail de gatto piss).  Thank you garkon. Sometimes I think Melbourne employs students to enact unbelievable vibrancy tableaux for visitors. oh and a wonderful rotating cub clock. 

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The Man Booker Prizes committee writes



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Langtrees VIP

I didn’t see TLA in today’s Rich List, in teh Worst. My associate, Mr Pushkin, liked this page featuring a palm tree and an indoor potted plant. Classy! 


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Back doorz

Cottesloe. And can I say, more whiting, fewer wedges? That was a plate of chips with the barest dusting of fish. 

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The Cup

A masterpiece by Tim G, that could have only been improved by a Dennis Connor shaped stain amidships. This is not even 30 years old! Upcycle you plonkers. Arera? The prostitute precinct, Highgate.

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