Outrage Sunday 197 hello my name is

TWOP is world-famous for its pitiless panoramas. One of the best is the cheerful bloke getting out of his ute in – where was it? Hacking? Topping? I can’t find it. Here’s a familiar place from that fern-burning Juliet balcony private dancer Bento. “Relentless blue sky, cocos, Beaufort Street, PoVi paving, and some ill-considered advertising. The ‘haircut and handjob’ district. Perhaps the shittiest collection of shops – bridal, pawnbroker, gym, and Blockbuster (?!).”
What do bats and Christ the Redeemer have in common? Claremont.
Keep on trucking!

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Radiation Cookbook

What an outrage! The promised radiation cookery (strontium pintxos) turns out to be for a gas stove?! Might have to burn it

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Legs Akimbo

What am I looking at here in Peppermint Grove? Legs and a hose. Looks like a kind of verge brothel. A place of worship? By Reign of Error. 

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Eat, Drink, Chicken, Love

Drinking and chicken is an effective anti depressive! I have taken the cure many, many times myself. By NF#1. Northbridge. 

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Grease trap

Is this the sort of thing you’ve got in yer fancy architect comic, TLA? Well, is it, punk? Barrack Street, Perth. 


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Wrote a piece for Teh Architect Journal. As did Alannah and She-Ra. If you thought mining journos can drink, I’ll put up an architect against them any day. From the various chats I had, (although I may have been babbling to myself in the dunny mirror), Elizabeth Quay architecture wise will be even crapper than expected. Also ditto re: Yagan Square. In any case, none of us were expecting anything more so no wukkaz my Diggaz. 

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For your donger

“Finish by polishing the entire casting with Blue Magic Polishing Cream as directed.”


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