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abuse victims

That whale-gritting balcony-dweller Bento popped his head over the 2.8m parapet wall again after seeing this on Teh WAToady. “They want more abuse?”

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Brownsville Vibrant

WGG notes that the Jetstar website hasn’t caught up with how Perth has totally envibranned in the last few years. Orbea has the evidence. True story.

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little person lost

Well-spotted by Misspent_yoof: “Classic update from The Worst online today. Apparently Serco managed to lose a midget prisoner: ‘Hayward is about 70cm tall, with a slim build and light skin’.” Good work My – but I believe our diminutive friends … Continue reading

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early scoop

Teh West Online was Johnny-on-the-spot with the big legal news this morning. The verdict on the Lloyd Rayney appeal started at 1130: WAToady had it up at 1148 – but was comprehensively beaten by Teh Internets Worst, which had it … Continue reading

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“thrown out”

Perhaps not the best headline, in the circumstances…

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crash blossom

“Risible attempt at punning by the West’s online headline writers,” Bento fumes. “They do realise a novel is a very specific type of fictional book, don’t they?”

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Weekend Worstoff 129

Tristan H saw that the downward spiral of Dunsborough is being made even more exquisite. “Le” boatshed? Jeezus. I wonder what Brendon would think? This is not connected to my Le Specs wearing.People have sent me this Morley wall before. … Continue reading

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