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Silver Birch

I like the idea of painting dead trees silver. Could work well with our swathes of dieback forest. Mt Hawthorn.

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Outrage Sunday 127 Hearts of Palm

As I went down the supermarket aisle My spastic trolley gave me the shits. I glared at the ice-cream specials, and thought: ‘Shopping really is the pits. People are rude and thrust and grasp Special stuff with their sweaty mitts’. … Continue reading

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Blue Cocos

More than one Cocos submission this week. Their reign of terror may be ending. This by Perineum. Weipa. Queensland. So, it’s Weipa, right, and you’re there in the most unusual circumstances, and it’s really, really fucking hot and the beautiful … Continue reading

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Victory on Cocos Ridge

A Cocos can be defeated. Not without one hell of a struggle though apparently. Looks like Guadal Canal. Next the Marines will take the pencil pines – with air support. And the other Cocoses. By RubyRuby, Alexander Heights.

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Hard to imagine a less sporty vehicle. Chromies are a nice touch though. As is the Cocos.

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Hyde Park Massacre

Lots of development at Hyde Park, but the ethos kind of puzzling. There is the (natch) artist impression and the “mission statement”, but WTF? They have called in an airstrike on the islands in the lake, under the justification of … Continue reading

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Mind the Cocos

Demolish everything, but make sure the precious Cocos are not touched. Here’s the thing about Maylands vibrancy. The only good bit is a tiny portion of Railway Charade encompassing Mad Kuntz. The rest is a shithole. A shithole that manages … Continue reading

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Cotton Club

A lit cotton in North Perth and thumbs up to boozies in Maylands, by BuddhaLalaland. If the cotton was actually on fire, it would be better.

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The Obscenity Tree

Breathtaking Bunnings Bonsai by BuddhaLalaland. Make it stop! Makes the Cocos look attractive. Inglewood Bunnings.

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Tree of life threatened by trees.

The Tree of Life sculpture outside Wesley Emo church is being threatened by …TREES! Who will stop this arboreal terror threatening the CHOGM tree of life? You? by Pete F.

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