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No kerning issues here. Sheesh. The fridge has been a war zone since these magnets were unwrapped at the Xmas office party.

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Gerro Threesome

Harvey Norman Geraldton. Brooke K. fingers the staff for this, (so to speak) but I’m not so sure. Bumpkin kids grow up fast. Many may have seen their parents doing this at a B&S Ball.  Child Psych: Where did the … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 42 Rotto

Back from eight blissful nights on the beautiful island. Of course the looser vituperative in me couldn’t help but note some areas of concern. These quokka items in the souvenir section are very popular… Some say there are too many … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 4

Head pounding, lips cracked and dry, neighbour hammering at drums, and power off for six hours while something is done with power poles. So thank god an associate brought this back from his Camino walk. It is a nail clipper … Continue reading

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I was going to save this until Christmas, but Wot Fuck? A worst by James N.

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Sunny Sandgroper

Momma’s got a Sunny Sandgroper, Plays with it all night long… EV notes that these …things used to be everywhere in 70s and 80s. Now, not. He has a friend with this mint condition version who lets him play with … Continue reading

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Five Graves to Joondalup

Lieutenant Schwegler: We’ve been killing the English like flies! Later, we’ll kill the flies like the English.” 5 graves to Cairo. Sinister or poignant? I almost get the feeling that Mr. Puddy’s body can’t be far from here. Or is … Continue reading

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