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Full Bush Outrage

Have I been outraged by this before? EXCUSE ME KULIN BUT YOU ARE NOT EVEN THE CAPITAL OF KULIN! There’s surely the little matter of Corrigin? Ring a bell Kulin? Merredin? Bruce Rock? Ardath? Pantapin? Mawson? Shackleton? Kwolyn? I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Pity the wormhole

By Reign of Error. From the famous Moora. Home of Teh wormhole.      

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Rock Solid

Never had Carnamah, (I don’t think) so here it is. By Pete F.Not sure of the meaning of Rock Solid. That’s a wheat bag right? And the neck beard?

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Stupid roundabout in Geraldton

Says Orbea. Sounds like someone had to ride a bike all the way there. Into a northerly smelling of Eneabba. With bonus Vibe nightclub. And cocii.

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Kalamunda bites back

Kala heavyweights have responded with cliches from both barrels to TLA’s savage attack 12 days ago. The Midland-Kalamunda Reporter’s Joel Kelly (whom my sources say lives in Parkerville) coaxed quotes from council CEO Rhonda Hardy about the TWOP outrage. “Beauty … Continue reading

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Northwest Ennui

Orbea was in Kununurra on Wednesday. But he brings you the highlight of Broome on Thursday. It’s no Kalamunda obviously.

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What goes on

Andrew D continues on to Menzies. Where it all goes down.

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