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Stupid roundabout in Geraldton

Says Orbea. Sounds like someone had to ride a bike all the way there. Into a northerly smelling of Eneabba. With bonus Vibe nightclub. And cocii.

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Kalamunda bites back

Kala heavyweights have responded with cliches from both barrels to TLA’s savage attack 12 days ago. The Midland-Kalamunda Reporter’s Joel Kelly (whom my sources say lives in Parkerville) coaxed quotes from council CEO Rhonda Hardy about the TWOP outrage. “Beauty … Continue reading

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Northwest Ennui

Orbea was in Kununurra on Wednesday. But he brings you the highlight of Broome on Thursday. It’s no Kalamunda obviously.

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What goes on

Andrew D continues on to Menzies. Where it all goes down.

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Outrage Sunday 111 Crowned

An exchange between an employee sitting by a lift and an exuberant young patron summed up the night. “You have to wear dress shoes to get in.” “Gnaargghaaabaaaah.” “Dress shoes next time.” As we joined the young man to ascend … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 66 effluent clients

Our associate Bento might be a rainmaker, but at least he is in the Lynne Truss mould when it comes to punctuation: he captured this heinous WAToady screenshot (respect): It’s enough to make you want to do an Echo Newspapers … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 178

By Dave P. Fishing Boat Harbour Fremantle. More of a drawcard than Bon I’d say. Same Diane as “Nigger Crabs” apparently, a post I can’t find. According to Vincent B. There’s a piece called The Best of Perth in this … Continue reading

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