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Unless Rapture

Beautiful multiworst submission from Bill O’Slatter. The pencil pines, the Cocoses,the savage blue sky, the brick and tile, the Morleyness – and is that a Queensland Box hiding back there? You’d be positively satanic to refuse that plea to play … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 151 Ode to an Airport Trolley in the Carpark

Here, among the businesslike grass, this trundler from the interminable carpet, a welcome that wobbled, now guttered in front of me dead. Confounded by the Belmont dross – these taxis, budget of dew – only you rolled through the duty … Continue reading

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Devil in Disguise

What’s the deal with Willagee. Is it trying to distance itself…from itself? They have the horror of course, but it’s not like they are changing from some embarrassing name. Featherstone. No Cock Lane or Callitris Way? By Dylan J.

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tyred of life

“The man who is tired of Oxford Street in Leedy is tired of life,” no-one said ever. Although I do miss 130. I once saw Basil Zempilas there in a pair of fresh-out-of-the-box white thongs. Here’s another shot from last … Continue reading

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Kardinya Rising

Yeah, suck on that Maylands. Written by Harold Robbins by the way. Kind of an unofficial sequel to The Carpetbaggers.

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Burswood glamour

It was established some time ago that some forms of expression are what my Communication and Culture 102 lecturer referred to as ‘historically and culturally specific’. Let’s add extreme sitting to that list, shall we? First, we have New York … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 92 ice cold Guinness

Krazy Kym had her book club over yesterday and they were rooting around in my shelves. Imagine my embarrassment when they uncovered my copy of Pride and Prejudice from 30 years ago, complete with boozie juvenilia.Happy St Patrick’s Day. Not … Continue reading

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Verge Vibrancy

For out of towners, Perth has this moronic system of verge pickups, where the local council will pick up discarded fatback tvs and broken furniture on a specific date. This means that people litter the roadway with crap for months … Continue reading

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trolley horror

Fremantlebiz saw this shopping trolley horror at Jandakot’s Spud Shed. You don’t see that sort of thing at Claremont Quarter, let me tell you.

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WW 205 Bento’s boxes ticked

“The day Wangara ‘ticks all the boxes’ is the day I cash in my chips,” Bento said. “Corner of Motivation Drive and Excellence Drive! What a dynamic and proactive address!” From the ad: ‘OUTSTANDING INVESTMENT THAT TICKS ALL THE BOXES: … Continue reading

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