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Me on 6PR tonight -anti mundite

I will be interviewed on 6PR tonight (Sunday 24th August) about Kalamunda. ie how crap the town centre is. 9:10pm. Mundites and anti-mundites, keep it locked!

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With Snuff only now reaching Thetan status, NF#1 wants you to BE Inglewood.

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Kalamunda bites back

Kala heavyweights have responded with cliches from both barrels to TLA’s savage attack 12 days ago. The Midland-Kalamunda Reporter’s Joel Kelly (whom my sources say lives in Parkerville) coaxed quotes from council CEO Rhonda Hardy about the TWOP outrage. “Beauty … Continue reading

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The Sands of Jindalee

Bento found another bong graveyard in another possibly fictitious suburb Jindalee. Is it real? It’s no Darch.

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Unless Rapture

Beautiful multiworst submission from Bill O’Slatter. The pencil pines, the Cocoses,the savage blue sky, the brick and tile, the Morleyness – and is that a Queensland Box hiding back there? You’d be positively satanic to refuse that plea to play … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 151 Ode to an Airport Trolley in the Carpark

Here, among the businesslike grass, this trundler from the interminable carpet, a welcome that wobbled, now guttered in front of me dead. Confounded by the Belmont dross – these taxis, budget of dew – only you rolled through the duty … Continue reading

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Devil in Disguise

What’s the deal with Willagee. Is it trying to distance itself…from itself? They have the horror of course, but it’s not like they are changing from some embarrassing name. Featherstone. No Cock Lane or Callitris Way? By Dylan J.

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