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massive loses

Wireless news in Teh West today. Did they mean “massive loosers”, or Massive Attack? Massive! Substantial! Big gains! Positive gains! Loosers. Also, Howie hates beards.

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Graphic designers. What’s the deal with those pricks? By AW. But in any case WELLLLLLLLLLLLLARD,

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Jurasic Park-ish

This just in. Will they be more popular than teh T-Rex? Also: “The now extinct Josephoartegasia monesi was a type of rodent that weighed over a ton and was larger than a bull. Its modern-day relative, the capybara, is the … Continue reading

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I assume The West means Eisenstein? We totes need another master of montage in these terrible times. By La Bento. (Not Ma Bento).

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Outrage Sunday 125 transmute the energy

A snip at $165: transmute your beach energy on Napoleon Street. The energy at the Guildford Hotel has been well and truly transmuted. So much so the signs are falling down. This sign will probably burst into flames this afternoon. … Continue reading

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A Japanese restaurant has a Royalty card? I don’t want to believe they ordered this on the phone. It would just be too much “me no rikey”. I just think they are planking us. I mean pranking. B Skink. Mt … Continue reading

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Sings Karma

By James N, on the bizarre Bayswater notice board that has been visited before.

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