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BWS. Get your shit together for Australia Day “Barefoot pricks welcome”, “undies but no shirt a prerequisite.” “Shoe wearers fuck off.” On the plus side, Tim Winton won’t be coming in. By Mickey Blue Eyes. !

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And the chihuahua you rode in on

By James N, Bayswater. Of course it is.

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Trolley Apartheid

Are there trolley police? By WG. Innaloo.

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St Rigid’s

Rigid? Tell me about it. When you saw those Nuns…it was like teakwood. You could have cut washers off it! Masterpiece by Reign of error. Lesmurdie. St Brigids. Where my sisters suffered under their mercy.

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By Reign of Error. Dwellingup. And despite the sign, 20-30 bath bomb and drumming workshop groups still make it through every day. RESPECT THIS DOODES SIGN SOUTHERN SOAPMAKING FUCKERZ!

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Brown Waters

So what’s the happs dogs? Outrage been worsting up well while I’ve been away? Alasdair saw a delightful Mandurah placemaking node. Is that…a…sewn up scrotum bottom left? In any case, bore water magic.

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keep calm and

Chivers? Hmm. Mullaloo. What’s your favourite Keep Calm And…? Call in now!

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