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Well I guess the kerning is ok. By Reign of Error. Fremantle. Should have got a tagger in to do the sign. I would have gone “Club Seaman”. 

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Wonky Eye

This split level eyed woman on the Beaufort Arrondissement has annoyed me for years. Always want to get out and lower the top one. Maybe why I never quite join the Beaufort Street Network.  

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Outrage Sunday 200 bogan customs

Keep on truckin’…is it me, or can I see Alan Bond’s face? That pea-grubber Bento pipes up: “The signage doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in their artistic ability.” Location undisclosed. I’m indebted to APILN for the latest Furze Platt news: it … Continue reading

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Pulled Meat

Ahhh a pulled meat first thing in the morning. One of life’s simple pleasures. By NF#1. Leederville.  

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Metrosexual Bingo

i just love this scene. Serpentine Jarrahdale. As if there would be any other kind of Bingo. Or any other activity. Bogan Swing Dancing Thursdays, bogan Chinese Calligraphy Monday. By Ed. T. 

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Outrage Sunday 192 more please

They always want more. They never have enough milk or money or socks or sex or holidays or first editions or solitude or gramophone records or free meals or real friends or guiltless pleasure or neckties or applause or unquestioning … Continue reading

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Torture Chamber

I guess the breaker trips sometimes when you apply the wires to the testicles? By Illusiver. Ex Myer building Fremantle. I believe it is now an artis-anal ugg boot and Krazy Tee shop. There may have been a rooftop bar … Continue reading

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