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Bayswater Vandalism

A plaintive cry against Bayswater council vandalism pinned up at the shops. Just what that vandalism might entail seems to have been missed. One may well cry j’accuse on Sylvan Alberts on his vandalism of concrete benches with pictures of … Continue reading

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The Knights of Kulin

The fish are by Opus Dei by the way. By Illusiver.

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There, I’ve said it.

Nothing to boast about Mt Hawthorn. It’s not like we didn’t suspect it. By Ridge.

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Outrage Sunday 164 rage

People often ask me how I am able to keep up the rage: “David, how do you keep the rage flag flying 24/7?”, they ask. I know where to get it – and I don’t pay retail. Sometimes I don’t … Continue reading

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Christmas trim shop

TWOP’s resident rainmaker Bento – for it is he – is on fire this week. Spotting the first mention of the year of the Xmas spectre is ace, but identifying the fuddled meaning of the sign is the orange twist … Continue reading

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The Dead Car Pool

A nice honest bad sign. Seen by Anon on the way to Geraldton.

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Unless Rapture

Beautiful multiworst submission from Bill O’Slatter. The pencil pines, the Cocoses,the savage blue sky, the brick and tile, the Morleyness – and is that a Queensland Box hiding back there? You’d be positively satanic to refuse that plea to play … Continue reading

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