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The iconic Ming Dynasty in Morley, the original lion banner for TWOP. Now it has a wonderful neon fail.  From a colleague of Adam G.  

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Vag Day

As far as I remember, every day is vag day in Walpole? Or am I thinking of Dennmark? in any case one a day will help you work rest and pay. By Sarah Toa. 

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Outrage Sunday 232 mummy doin’ tricks

Friday was busy. After time in the Perth Magistrates Court – aka The Drama Palace – I paused to see if these paramedics needed help. They said they were fine, and cops were on the way. “You may feel like … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 231 in the bowl

Krazy Kym encountered this in Midland. “Why have we not seen this before?” she asked. A desultory shuffle through the archives found this, which is just as excellent. My associate, Mr Brick, saw this in Cottesloe. “Lamination fail,” he said. … Continue reading

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Crab Town City Limits

Literally. By an associate of Reign of Error.    

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Outrage Sunday 230 delicasey

Spelling standards aren’t too flash in the Golden Triangle, frets Pete F. That dish-gambler Bento went back to his favourite Bayswater fence. I love it. No problems here with the 50 per cent permeable requirement. Our NYE was fabulous, thanks … Continue reading

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I don’t really know what this means. By Pete f. “Not looking for sharks”.

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