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International Relations

What better way to celebrate goodwill to all men as Jesus goes down? If the Ukranians and Russians could only “curry & stubby” it would be the end of conflict. Although you won’t be able to buy a stubby, or … Continue reading

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Mongoloid Esquire

A Fremantle denizen appears to have made a pilgrimage to Garden City. They may also have recently given up smoking. Or coffee. Or Quinoa. By Shazza.

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Outrage Sunday 143 strictly no farting

The terrorists have won. Opposite the Art Gallery.

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When I say smelly, I mean no references. And smelly. Obviously. By Just Dazzling.

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The Special

I keep hearing this place is good. Love the sign. Might go not worst. I do like the sound of the special too. What’s the daily double? I’m waiting of the year of the dog. By Paul M. Bassendean.

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Talk is cheap

I was just saying, danger… You know, high pressure gas lines? No? Shall I just shut up? Some people just can’t handle the truth of their imminent death. By Hovean.

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I must admit, this sounds more like 2nd Ave (N) IGA, but not sure where. By Pete F, so possibly SoFro?

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Office of Pixellation

I love that the office of drugs and alcohol has a pixellated sign. Understand that this is not a video screen, this is the actual sign. Making sure you are sweating when you enter. You just can’t trust these graphic … Continue reading

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“Just wanted to inform you that the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery at UWA has discovered time travel, using it to head back to 1992 and pick up this sweet promotional banner. Worsts from the heart of the golden triangle. No … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 134 orjazzm

The roads were slippery around Gnangarra. There was tension in Cottesloe. I was glad to safely return to my Padbury Heights backyard.

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