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The right priorities

You know I’m ok that Princess Margaret Hospital is putting their effort into curing sick kiddies rather than the choosing of bronzes. By Ljuke.    

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The Sheep of Stalin

By Alasdair. Wudinna, SA.  I quite like it. Apart from the sheep. Wheat man is…kind of OK.   

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Vulgar David

Bento (for it is he) asks: “Is Melbourne turning into Perth? Can there be any clearer proof that we’re in a Po-Vi era?” I ask: “Why doesn’t this happen in Claremont?” The Grauniad has the scoop: ‘Vulgar’ four-metre concrete copy … Continue reading

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The Hidden

Illusiver noted this public art hidden behind Melville Council. If I recall the piece was part of Fremantle Sculpture by The Sea, an altogether more positively scaled event compared to the rather lopsided Cottesloe. But why is this hidden? Or … Continue reading

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Kanga Art

Sigh. I get the feeling we’re stalling in our post vibrant project sometimes. CBD.  

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Year of the Fox

New year, first-time contributor! Luc felt like a stalker when taking this pic on Summit Road, Mundaring. “Even more infuriating is that the property is called Foxland: maybe that is a fox?” Luc said. Actually I think 2015 will be … Continue reading

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Final Fremantle Insult

This is seriously shitty. Not even I would wish something this bad on Cockburn nee Freo. What idiots chose yet another awful Smiths bronze? Along with another fucking sundial? Truly awful. Seen by Pete F.

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