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Metropiss. State Election Preview

With only a few days to go to the election,  (sad coverage of the last one here.) will the twin planks of Metronet and Metropiss get the slightly damp teatowel (SDTT) that is Labor’s Mark McGowan over the line? Or … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 153

That fucking rainmaker Bento: just after I checked in at Bobbi’s yesterday, he sends me a pic of a competing outlet. “Barragup is the pole dancing capital of Peel,” the balcony-strutting bozo says. Maaate: is Barragup that new Maylands sub-division? … Continue reading

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Irrational Hatred #6 The Guildford Hotel

I’ve just about had enough of The Guildford Hotel. In the light of some more ineffectual protesting highlighted by Outrage Cohen, (the socks being another pathetic example), let me throw my weight behind the demolition option, so Guildfordwegians can have … Continue reading

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Vote 1 Emo Simpkins

Finally The Worst of Perth has a candidate to get behind. Thanks Rehana. Lovely hair work. Pity it wasn’t earlier. Could have had old Emo involved Nukem Buckels Style. This defacer has taken about 15 years off Emo’s age by … Continue reading

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MyNing, who acheived fame with his bad photos of Paul Murray, now furthers his photographic  credentials with a bad photo of Colin Barnett. Inexplicably he also includes a shot of the back of the Premier’s head. His best side. Cunctatious … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 29

Some more photoshop work from Skink. Must be more pleasant than working on Paul Murray shots Skink. Shows The Lord Mayor about to battle Colin Barnett over city development wetblanketness. By the way. Whatever happened to Colin Barnett? He wins … Continue reading

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Copperart Court

Since politics reigns this week, I thought I’d share this. A copper biography (hagiography?) of Sir Charles Court. Perhaps executed by a child, but in any case of the Naif school. Although the somewhat draconian but fairly dignified Sir Charles … Continue reading

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