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If the bafflingly incompetent Tony Abbot is getting spilled federally, isn’t it time that state Labor finally did the same, and sent Mark McGowan, aka the Slightly Damp Tea Towel to the washing basket? It was said to me, that, … Continue reading

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McGowan. It’s not going to happen.

Bonus post today. Didn’t take long for my post Rottnest ennui to be broken. Now. Mark McGowan. Can we all finally agree that Mark McGowan, also better known as “The Slightly Damp Teatowel” isn’t up to the job of opposition … Continue reading

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Premier Colin Buswell

This on the WAToady: WHAT is going ON in the STATE GOVERNMENT? Thanks to Lunchtime O’Boulez for the tip.

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Woolfie Speaks

I contacted Russell Woolf for a TWOP interview. Initially he was reluctant, but when I pointed out that our thousands of readers consisted of a large proportion of unenthusiastic Labor and Greens voters (and Frank obviously) he jumped at it. … Continue reading

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Save it

Russell and Verity aren’t giving up already are they? His silence on a TWOP interview is definitely a tactical mistake, but it’s not too late.

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Vibo Lies

A vibrancy of Barnett lies with the beautiful East Perth Station behind it. No doubt they will fuck that up too. By Tristan H.

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Outrage Sunday 113 Election 2013 In Memoriam

So. Farewell then Kevin 07 Rudd You are feeling blue After covering your hands In red. “Programmatic Specificity” Was your catchphrase: “Get out” Is everyone else’s. Keith’s mum liked you Until you had A big tanty At her school canteen. … Continue reading

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