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Woolfie Speaks

I contacted Russell Woolf for a TWOP interview. Initially he was reluctant, but when I pointed out that our thousands of readers consisted of a large proportion of unenthusiastic Labor and Greens voters (and Frank obviously) he jumped at it. … Continue reading

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Save it

Russell and Verity aren’t giving up already are they? His silence on a TWOP interview is definitely a tactical mistake, but it’s not too late.

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Vibo Lies

A vibrancy of Barnett lies with the beautiful East Perth Station behind it. No doubt they will fuck that up too. By Tristan H.

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Outrage Sunday 113 Election 2013 In Memoriam

So. Farewell then Kevin 07 Rudd You are feeling blue After covering your hands In red. “Programmatic Specificity” Was your catchphrase: “Get out” Is everyone else’s. Keith’s mum liked you Until you had A big tanty At her school canteen. … Continue reading

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Vote 1 Nationals

The Nationals had a stand at Curtin’s open day. A fellow called Chub was being promoted. Several guys with names like Nazis. Also a very creepy looking David Wirrapunda. Managed to knock off one of their promotional scrotums.

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Alannah’s Election Fraud

Can we expect legal action over Alannah Mactiernan’s blatant breach of the Trade Practices Act with her campaign posters? This Alannah as a 15 year old Heather Locklear is not the Alannah people are getting behind. We want the bad … Continue reading

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Alannah’s Up!

Alannah’s running in Perth, my electorate! It’s great news. I couldn’t stand that prick Smith. Surely Alannah can defeat Darryl Moore, who lives in fucking Dalkeith! I haven’t met him myself, but I have heard a a journalist (not Outrage) describe … Continue reading

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Liberals for Sattler

New editor Bento will be taking your submissions for his couple of weeks in charge, ( email ) while Outrage and I are worsting up different parts of the world. Unlike China, I am expecting Doha, Dubai and Abu-Dhabi to have … Continue reading

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Cundle Burke

Jaiydn-Jaxxon discovered the old Cundlebar homestead where Burkean ceremonies are still performed 30 years later. Look at them all so young. Carmen Lawrence looking like a suicidal woman wouldn’t melt in her mouth, Peter Dowding believing in a future you … Continue reading

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Oh no, thank YOU

Orbea went out especially to capture this poster of Ian Britza who defeated Reece “Five Houses” “Thanks for nothing Carps you moron” Whitby. Nice to see that the Hitler mo and devil horns haven’t been totally extinguished by cockiform graffiti. … Continue reading

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