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Doylestown Pennsylvania

I always have to take a deep breath before opening a submission from that Manhatteswegian BSWAM. Without fail his USA crap puts our good stuff to shame. I kind of get the feeling that he enjoys rubbing our noses in … Continue reading

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People of the sand

Alasdair goes direct from Mandurah to Marseilles. That sort of shock could crack your soul. But there is a kind of Perth look. The blue sky not quite as relentless, and no cocii. But it’s there.    

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beast sex

Phwwwoooooaaaaaarr! TWOPers know the dugong intimacy in Timmy Winton’s books can get a bit skittish – but dinosaur erotica? “Azog is an underappreciated cavewoman in her tribe. “The cavemen treat her like a piece a (sic) meat. “They disrespect her … Continue reading

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Some More New York

BSWAM sent me these which I have been remiss in not posting. Time for some New York vibrancy. BSWAM says… The horrendous Marriot Marquis Hotel, one of the city’s most hated buildings since 1983, when it replaced the Helen Hayes … Continue reading

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The Global Envribrancy

Stu’s regret on having to leave the brutal Perth envibrancing yesterday, reminds me to remind youse of what we are. Perth is the centre of the universe, where the rest of the planet is the environs. Paris, as Gerro are … Continue reading

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BSWAM (Bartender’s skills with a Manhatten) sent a wonderful series from Philadelphia. Here’s a couple. A wonderful public artwork celebrating looking up kids’. Apparently they were roped off, so he couldn’t get the traditional closeups. And one of their celebrated … Continue reading

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Le zig zag

In France, Tullio sees that they are going for less vibrancy. Seriously, if you can’t urinate in “mode zigzag”, then the (Algerian) terrorists have won. Inadvisedly the sign has not been laminated. Tullio claims to have zig zagged it back … Continue reading

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