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Outrage Sunday 203 every thought and intent

Found in the Casa Cohen letterbox. What do I know? Can my heart have thoughts? Where are my pants?    I see there’s been the usual carping about Subiaco. Well, SHUT UP: I see authorities reckon this will bring some … Continue reading

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They take their historic areas seriously in Melbourne. Just as ineffectually as we do – you should see the setback rorting – but more seriously. The Williamstown be-trail is a great case in point. Let the plastic containers wash up.  … Continue reading

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Frill Necked

El Guisto was a little peeved this didn’t get a run. I do like the mug and the liquorland vouchers, but is that enough these days? Do a deal with dazza?

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Outrage Sunday 193 The Humanity Avenue

We want the finest humanity known to, er, humanity. We want it here, and we want it now. It is here, in the Perry Lakes development. Imagine calling the ambo from your home. “It’s near the intersection of Equality and Destiny.” Is … Continue reading

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The Humile

Thanks for coming. If I had any humility, I would have been humbled by the excellent turnout. Thanks to Creative Mornings for the invite.  The take home message…

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Live worst humility

Those who wish to hear me talk about the worst of humility this Friday morning (17th April ) can now register with Creative Mornings. Breakfast provided. But not, sadly, free piss.

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More dangling

Its to be expected some PR operatives are a bit confused: but a sub-editor at Teh West?  What a right Charlie!

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