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Bring in your cricket bats now

The tributes to Philip Hughes have now become so farcical that they have gone beyond parody. You can bring in your cricket bats now. Maybe leave a protective groin box on the dashboard of your car as a moving tribute … Continue reading

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So, what am I looking at here?

Is it…architecture? By Alasdair. Augusta. Home of the Hepcat. Possibly literally. I raise my cup to whatever these are.

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The Palmist

FalconGli documents the funereal and post vibrant His Majesty’s carpark plastic palm garden. Not really sure what to say. Absolutely beautiful. But why? What is it for? Looks like a set from UFO. Perhaps the ladies’ bog at Straker Enterprises. … Continue reading

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Le Pussy

Bon Pussy to one another eh? In these troubled times yeah? Bon pussy my brother. Bon Pussy soul sister. Bon Pussy, old friend, Bon pussy, Bon Pussy Bon Pussy to all our readers. It’s funny, if you say Bon Pussy … Continue reading

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If Radio National can give me a free fruity umbrella in a caption contest, then maybe it is time for cuts. Will be adding “Umbrella Winner” to my CV.

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I really like this cottage mansion in Rockingham. Especially the shark teeth. By Alasdair.

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I guess tapas was a long way off in 1962. Was Teh Calib a small var? By Alasdair.

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