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…But if you leave your name and your number…

The angst is strong in Claremont no? Why don’t we believe what the media says? (The Post, LOL), What is food? What is free range? What isn‘t “barn” raised? Was the price of dried “apricots” jiggered around with by the … Continue reading

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By Reign of Error. Dwellingup. And despite the sign, 20-30 bath bomb and drumming workshop groups still make it through every day. RESPECT THIS DOODES SIGN SOUTHERN SOAPMAKING FUCKERZ!

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Seems to me the price of 50c per pie WAS rite. For customers, but not necessarily for business. Reign of Error sends in a rare worst that crosses art and wortsery. The lame stencil means this must be Carlisle. Existence … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 178 National Sunday Law

A free book in my letterbox! This was gripping. Basically (I think I have this right) Seventh Day Adventists know the ZOG is about to make Sunday worship compulsory, thus giving free reign to Satan, free $10 chicens, the Pope, … Continue reading

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Thank you for driving safely

The gateway to the Swan Valley! Meanwhile, TLA had a blast in Denmark! 

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Outrage Sunday 177 under the domes

Would the Oswal home in Peppy Grove have been worst or not worst? We’ll never know. But the Shire invited the POST to document what they say is an unsafe building. I put my TWOP trilby on and got pics … Continue reading

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Bring in your cricket bats now

The tributes to Philip Hughes have now become so farcical that they have gone beyond parody. You can bring in your cricket bats now. Maybe leave a protective groin box on the dashboard of your car as a moving tribute … Continue reading

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