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If Radio National can give me a free fruity umbrella in a caption contest, then maybe it is time for cuts. Will be adding “Umbrella Winner” to my CV.

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I really like this cottage mansion in Rockingham. Especially the shark teeth. By Alasdair.

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I guess tapas was a long way off in 1962. Was Teh Calib a small var? By Alasdair.

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A year of living streetlessly

Snuff’s still buying tapirs in Hong Kong. Surely that’s enough? If not, I think we are the one year anniversary of Perth’s lamest and long running public art project. It’s still like this.

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T alone

Bento sees the mainland’s worst kerning.

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Kalamunda, Australia’s ugliest town centre?

Update: This post has generated unprecedented bizarre comments from Kalamunda crackpots, including the best ever comment in the 91,000 made on this site, “I was clearly joking about writing a blog about my cat shitting…I have better things to do.” … Continue reading

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BSWAM, took in a town wide garage sale just for us. Tivoli, New York. BSWAM says, Greetings! The quaint village of Tivoli, NY, pictured here on the banks of the upper mid-Hudson, has an annual town-wide garage sale every year. … Continue reading

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