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Apology accepted

No doubt there’s a committee working on it. By The Colour H.

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lock up yer poo tickets

Wellard station. The day a virgin in a cuntkini could walk down St Georges Terrace with a lamb and a roll of Kleenex Cottonelle are gone, my friends. Maybe it’s different in boho Freo.

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Tiger Beer taste stops local drunkenness

Originally posted on The Asia Beat:
Singapore. Asia Pacific Breweries today confirmed beerdom’s worst kept secret – that Tiger Beer’s insipd and slightly unpleasant taste is a deliberate ploy to discourage local Singaporeans from drinking. Asia Pacific’s marketing manager Larry…

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Wrongway Segway

TLA is somewhere in Rurotardia where Apple products have spazz attacks. He says: A slap in the face for TOVincent segway superhighway down the arrondissement? Which in itself was a slap in the face for Leederville’s unicycle autobahn. If you … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 137 The lamps are going out all over Europe

Last night (probably) in the Urban Orchard, after bouncy Stonehenge. This must have been what it was like for prehistoric cave-dwellers, watching the sun set: will it rise again? “The lamps are going out,” I wept into my $9 pale … Continue reading

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Daniel B shows the real reason for the death of The Big Day Out. Claremont.

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Innovation for Lease

Nice. Subtle. BCakes. Bentley.

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By Jane Z. It’s wonderful that these are still around.

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The mark of Cocos

Not exactly sure what I’m seeing here in this Pete F Cottesloe submission. Does Cottesloe now hide their Cocii behind canvas screens, or are these the oily toxic stains of ghost cocos now gone?

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I slam wanks

Well I wouldn’t go as far as slamming wanks. As long as you don’t overdo them of course. By Stu. North Perth.

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