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Langtrees VIP

I didn’t see TLA in today’s Rich List, in teh Worst. My associate, Mr Pushkin, liked this page featuring a palm tree and an indoor potted plant. Classy!   

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Good to see WAToady filing on the always-excellent Bell Tower Times. BUT – woe! – you can tell their reporter doesn’t do much strolling in the western suburbs. It is Boatshed, not the boatshed. Good DAY, sir.

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Outrage Sunday 216 V CHINA

Nicely done, madam. Bento notes: “Abbott has pushed this country so far the right, we’ve got people goose-stepping towards Mends Street.” They were simpler, gentler times in 2009, when people smiled and wet their pants. May I talk about myself … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 212 long todge

I’d never seen a penis set savagely on fire – and I still haven’t. Wouldn’t doing it savagely involve a flamethrower? Couldn’t Teh West have changed the headline when they got the story? Imagine the conflagration if a long todge … Continue reading

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Perth blast

Localise that event which happened 70 years ago. No jokes about Subiaco vibrancy, thanks.

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kids walk to school

Hold the front page! Good thing they weren’t trampled by cows. Or got their heads trapped in rails.

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Primed with bargains & Tight lipped

More mid-year news from the paper of record – but I feel there was an error of judgement with today’s edition. When there’s $824.70 off a Chloe bag, shouldn’t it, at first blush, be page three? Or, at a pinch, … Continue reading

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