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In the pink

Business news and financial reports on pink newsprint? What a great idea! Charlotte loved today’s West: her only complaint the organ was too small at 60 pages.

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So socialism has even infected the buying of Mazdas? I have said previously that I haven’t bought the Sunday Times since the short sighted pricks axed Bennett’s Beat and the Timespool. But this…is…something…else. By Andrew D.

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Berry good

A colleague enjoyed the conflation of berry content in today’s paper of record. “Were you affected by the 2008 Chinese milk scandal? Call in now!”

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Teh West has it covered

On the weekend TLA was snarky about the media (“Is it that hard to go up there and get their names wrong and put the worst possible spin on what they are doing?”). The same shtick earlier today, where he … Continue reading

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Dead Worlds

Alasdair manages to show three dead worlds. Pay phones, books and…Mandurah. And did anyone see that The West has stopped delivering the paper to some country regions! Fucking Outrage! How will they find out about the Rudd Gillard government from … Continue reading

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hole in bush

The West offline and on. It sounds arty. Was it before the dawn, running up that hill?

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Iona girls rooted

Goodness! Sounds painful. It all happens in the western suburbs. But this surely isn’t as unfortunate as that infamous headline involving Cheltenham Ladies’ College.

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