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Jazz Apples

“Am I the only one that thinks these sound like an amusing nickname for testicles?” our vanilla-plating comrade Bento asks. “As in, ‘Johnson banged one in short, but it kept low and hit Cook right in the jazz apples‘.” Teh … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 112 When Macca Writes Your Love Story

G’day TWOPpers. What the heck-diddly has been going on with Wikipedia? Monday’s feature story was When God Writes Your Love Story, then Friday they had Everything Tastes Better With Bacon. What? Even a copy of Cloudstreet?Just as well I’d made … Continue reading

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Hairy Yellow

They even manage to get “erect” “bushy”  and “matted hairs” into the description. By Lauclan H. Belmont.

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Chinky Chow

Some nice out of town worsts lately. This from Vincent. Manilla, north of Tamworth. It’s no Ton-Kin Highway though.

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An old comedy crony Bluey Von Steiger sends in this from the Mandurah Dogs. If Howling Wolves is the TWOP wine, then Cork Soaker would be the official obscenity referencing dog. Btw Bluey, and other occasional contributors (and well known … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 25 induce this

The delicious distinction about Teh Worst is also worst. (Update: The Stoned Ranger points out The Echo is hiring). Speaking of distinctions, I’ve only received trivial death threats. I trust TL101 can tell us who Selena Gomez is. I have … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 18 Pööplöp

The Ikea catalogue arrived today: please please we will now see no more of those letterbox-cleaning TV ads repeated from last year. It is the lowest form of wit to make jokes about Ikea product names like Jerker, Fukta, Fartfull … Continue reading

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Gin like no one knows you’re distilling

Two more things from Margaret River. In our accommodation, fake broken plates, as if they had come from the Sutton Hoo barrow and had to be pieced back together. The other one had something about “Love her like she is … Continue reading

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Small bars reach end of days

If there needed to be any sign that the small bars craze had reached rapture point, then see this. Could someone really call it The Boheme? (aka “Teh ‘Heme”) You’d think it would be hard to go worse than the … Continue reading

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