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Gentle on your bits

It’s hard to think that there may have been a time when 6pracist was gentle on anyone’s mind. Do they mean grating on your mind? Racist on your mind? Maumillicious on your mind? Mindless on your mind? This must have … Continue reading

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Doggy Style

In the proud TWOP tradition of “music discarded near pubs” , here’s Doggy Style near the Mt Henry Tavern by Golden Boy. I am surprised doggy style has reached this part of Como. Would have thought that it would be … Continue reading

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Didgeridoo plus Dulcimer = Yikes

Just to let you know what I saw in the toilets of Caves House. Can Yallingup be more of a parody if itself. I didn’t hear “snort of derision one”. Apart from my own obviously.

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The Triffids’ Real Legacy

Further to yesterday’s post looking closely at the legacy of the Tim Winton’s of music, The Triffids. Wikipedia lists their main legacy as the inspiration for the name of a Greek band, and of course Wide Open Road is set … Continue reading

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The Worst of Perth Irrational Hatreds. The Triffids

Isn’t it time to admit that The Triffids were kind of – not really that interesting? Certainly not legendary. Is there a category for “Mildly competent local band still listened to for some reason?”

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Give my regards to the Basso

Found outside the Bassendean Hotel, a hotel where I was expecting to see poodles and metrosexuals, but instead it was totes hi vis and smokers. Even some old timey beer guts, (bought and paid for darl). But perhaps there’s hope … Continue reading

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Satan over Strapon

Is there one place more certainly ruled over by Satan than Midland? From his twin strongholds of Strapon (Stratton) and Centrepoint. There was also a C# missing top octave. More of satan’s work. $30!

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Outrage Sunday 111 Crowned

An exchange between an employee sitting by a lift and an exuberant young patron summed up the night. “You have to wear dress shoes to get in.” “Gnaargghaaabaaaah.” “Dress shoes next time.” As we joined the young man to ascend … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 107 the evils of cybersex

Krazy Kym and I heard the ruckus before we parked outside Midland Gate. Once out of the car it was deafening. Christian rap/hip-hop! It was outstanding. I think the song was about how terrible cybersex is. Sadly the artist had … Continue reading

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Shine Off

Bento asks, quite rightly if The Mundaring Weir Hotel has had the same roster of musicians for the last 20 years. It is possible that they are all Scientologists. Shouldn’t it be The Grey Sorrows by now, and shouldn’t Theta … Continue reading

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