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It’s so cold…

…my pussy’s frozen solid. By James N. Inglewood. I don’t see too many egregious plants, but I do love some metal lattice atop colourbond.

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The Hills Have Eyes

Hovean saw this Post Shedist masterpiece in the hills. Come on Perth! The hills are shitting all over your post vibrancy with this. The jarrah flying buttresses? Mercy!  

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Stand and Deliver

By NF#1.  I like the effort, but surely Moondyne Joe for Greenmount?   

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Outrage Sunday 217 no dice

No wonder I’m a tempranillo man. No-one’s going to drink your chardonnay if you can’t get the dice right. Now you’re going to have to have No Junk Mail stickers on your car! Why oh why hasn’t the state government … Continue reading

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I pity the Dominos promo

By Pete F, Dalkeith.

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Tyre Power?

Is this a letterbox? Made of shredded tyres? Perineum was unsure whether to wee on it or salute it. Eden Hill.

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Stone (ville) killer

I would hope that the postie refused to deliver to this Stoneville murder tribute. Have we ever had Stoneville up? On one hand, I have found that in most cases, auteurs vastly overestimate the quality of their senses of humour … Continue reading

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