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Outrage Sunday 230 delicasey

Spelling standards aren’t too flash in the Golden Triangle, frets Pete F. That dish-gambler Bento went back to his favourite Bayswater fence. I love it. No problems here with the 50 per cent permeable requirement. Our NYE was fabulous, thanks … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 224 apoligies 

This outrage has been sent to Bethany. I did pop in, though, to get some mulloway doodles ($79/kg).     I came near to a meltdown at this. No wonder they are no longer with us. Language banditry.     … Continue reading

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The Man Booker Prizes committee writes


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Good to see WAToady filing on the always-excellent Bell Tower Times. BUT – woe! – you can tell their reporter doesn’t do much strolling in the western suburbs. It is Boatshed, not the boatshed. Good DAY, sir.

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Outrage Sunday 219 beware of the birds

Our worsting overlord was ruthless with his worsting from the beautiful island. He didn’t see this enraging item, though. Maybe she wasn’t bewaring of the birds? They grabbed her snot-block and she wouldn’t let go. As previously seen in Geordie … Continue reading

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aircraft’s demise

Good spot by Bento: “That plane will be forever in our hearts.”

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Outrage Sunday 208 garbage

I was enraged at this Joondalup outrage. How enraged? Probably more than if Tony Abbott woke up to find a wind turbine in his toilet. I wrote to the council and asked why we had to have Americanisms on our … Continue reading

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