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aircraft’s demise

Good spot by Bento: “That plane will be forever in our hearts.”

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Outrage Sunday 208 garbage

I was enraged at this Joondalup outrage. How enraged? Probably more than if Tony Abbott woke up to find a wind turbine in his toilet. I wrote to the council and asked why we had to have Americanisms on our … Continue reading

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abuse victims

That whale-gritting balcony-dweller Bento popped his head over the 2.8m parapet wall again after seeing this on Teh WAToady. “They want more abuse?”

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More dangling

Its to be expected some PR operatives are a bit confused: but a sub-editor at Teh West?  What a right Charlie!

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Outrage 187 Fringe binge

I got a bit emotional after my ninth gin & tonic ($10 each) on Friday night. Fringe all gone. After Sculpture by the Sea, it’s back to hearing footy commentary from passing cars for, like, what seems foreva. Mind you, … Continue reading

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jubilee twist

Diamond? Golden? It’s Krazy Kym’s 12th wedding anniversary next month, so the pressure is on. The Hallmark people say traditional gifts are silk or linen, while modern gifts are pearls. Yikes! They both sound at least $20,000.

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Christmas trim shop

TWOP’s resident rainmaker Bento – for it is he – is on fire this week. Spotting the first mention of the year of the Xmas spectre is ace, but identifying the fuddled meaning of the sign is the orange twist … Continue reading

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