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If the bafflingly incompetent Tony Abbot is getting spilled federally, isn’t it time that state Labor finally did the same, and sent Mark McGowan, aka the Slightly Damp Tea Towel to the washing basket? It was said to me, that, … Continue reading

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Upskirt and No-Standing – A Perthonality Sits. Mother in law tongues writhing like a prostitute’s Up Tiger Woods’ back door. Pete F attempts some paparazzi blowback.

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Rivers of Gold

Paid parking begins at stations tomorrow. I don’t entirely disagree with the concept. Walk to the station you lazy pricks. The $2 coins will be rolling in. Speaking of rivers of gold, there’s a new afternoon paper literally mooted for … Continue reading

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One Punch Winton

No doubt Tom “Point” Percy went on to describe it as “merely chiaking” or “youthful fartarsing”.

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The Voice

Haven’t done a media post for a while, because, nobody really cares about these awful creatures anymore. But perhaps there are still some questions to be posed in post Riddance Radio. Firstly, Russell Woolf’s ABC 720 replacement John McGlue is … Continue reading

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I assume The West means Eisenstein? We totes need another master of montage in these terrible times. By La Bento. (Not Ma Bento).

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Burswood Tableau

A free wine mountain and empty 6pr talk seats. Juxtapose as you will. Pictured, 6PR ratings winners? Paul Murray’s mates?

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