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Outrage Sunday 193 The Humanity Avenue

We want the finest humanity known to, er, humanity. We want it here, and we want it now. It is here, in the Perry Lakes development. Imagine calling the ambo from your home. “It’s near the intersection of Equality and Destiny.” Is … Continue reading

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keep calm and

Chivers? Hmm. Mullaloo. What’s your favourite Keep Calm And…? Call in now!

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Outrage Sunday 177 under the domes

Would the Oswal home in Peppy Grove have been worst or not worst? We’ll never know. But the Shire invited the POST to document what they say is an unsafe building. I put my TWOP trilby on and got pics … Continue reading

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Maylands Phenotype

The great thing is that this is post vibrancy Maylands, post Swallow aka Mad Kuntz Bar Maylands. Forget your Dan Murphys, this is true Maylandia, and long may it be so. By NF#1. The lack of Sigma in the drive … Continue reading

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Nyack NY Part 2

Bartenders Skills with a Manhatten continues his treatment of Nyack New York. But first here’s a shot from part one where BSWAM documents the moment when brutalism hit Nyack, and after it, a shot I took of the Curtin University … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 115 confessions

Two more pics from the heart of the Blackwood Valley. No teens, tweens, pre-adolescents, or pre-teens THANK you. Inside I found some titillating literature: a steal at $4! How about those Dockers! Both TLA and the Rainmaker were predictably sclerotic … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 114 The Bunker off the Bumpkobahn

Apologies for the late OS. Krazy Kym and I soaking in rural vibrancy. We’re soaking in it! Much from Nannup to share later in the week, including the trophies hanging from the verandah of Shazza’s Blackwood River hideaway! But for … Continue reading

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