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Civic Pride

We’re taking it up a notch! The Civic Hotel. I’m not sure whether the protest is against how shitty the Civic’s beer garden is, of that the place is always full of losers (bused in from where?) when it should … Continue reading

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Kalgoorlie Names

Most people would think of Hannan, and perhaps even Tuckey or Birney as quintessential Kalgoorlie surnames, but Matthew M, saw some traditional Kal surnames on Pier Street in Perth. And speaking of Kalgoorlie cunts. Mundaring weir is almost dry. Are … Continue reading

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From little things…

Perth Modern celebrates their Rolfian heritage. I hear there was some classic (ie played) weedkiller C&B drawing action on the playing field too. It can happen. By Hugh Jass.

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Outrage Sunday 167 win $10,000!

Four nights on the beautiful island last week spoilt only by PRC litterers. No wonder we make them fill out a lengthy form and charge them $130. Even further overseas: Bolton. I am indebted to DNILN for this startling image … Continue reading

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Is nothing sacred?

Location unknown although smart arses live there. Does an innocent board have to be subjected to this so called humour? They truly are the worst of Perth. By Pete F.

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Some arts, possibly but probably not vandalised. Nah I guess the text is deliberate, otherwise, where’s the C&B on the cockroaches? Booyeembara Park, Fremantle. By Illusiver.

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Prince Angar of Avacal’s friend’s dog sniffed out a well crafted C&B in Mt Hawthorne, (Perth style). But the Prince was more concerned with the discarded hair gel nearby. It literally blew his mind. C’mon Prince, make the connection! I’m … Continue reading

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