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World Cup Vibrancy

i can’t tell if this is soooo previbrant that it actually goes beyond Post Vibrancy.  

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Edge of reality

TONSKI sends in the al fresco area of a Henderson lunch bar as a worst. But I love it. I would totally eat a (possibly still slightly frozen in the centre) Chiko Roll here.

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Form and function

And for every step forward the city takes, some verges are still rooted in the past, unable to shake of their registering ways. Nice bonus dead tree too. By JaneZ.

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Further progress on the search for the essential Perthness. Great example from Orbea. Girrawheen. Orbea Sez, “The focus was on the superb dead cocos and hose pipe. But then the scene got bigger. The rollershutters. The limestone wall. The carefully … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 134 orjazzm

The roads were slippery around Gnangarra. There was tension in Cottesloe. I was glad to safely return to my Padbury Heights backyard.

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Silver Birch

I like the idea of painting dead trees silver. Could work well with our swathes of dieback forest. Mt Hawthorn.

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The Idea of Garden Bed

Love what Alannah’s doing in Mt Lawley. That a garden bed can be created in the mind of the observer, out of base brick paving, without the need for PVC piping.

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