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Free Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky is never free. By Cimbali.

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Boom Time Dreaming

Proof that the mining boom is over. Knock shop at 835 on the arrondissement seems to be gone. We’ve had six good years. And the hi vis Hard Yakka shop opposite Galleria is going out of business. – Where I … Continue reading

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Match and Sniff

Not even Fremantle. It’s Mt Lawley, right on the Arrondissement. You can buy them singly if you just want to sniff the pheromones and I have one mounted on the 10 speed as a bicycle seat, or as a pair.

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Outrage Sunday 111 Crowned

An exchange between an employee sitting by a lift and an exuberant young patron summed up the night. “You have to wear dress shoes to get in.” “Gnaargghaaabaaaah.” “Dress shoes next time.” As we joined the young man to ascend … Continue reading

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True Religion. Is this an insult to jeans or religion? And in possibly related news, the hideous Teh Stockade on the corner of Wellington and Barrack seems to have finally, mercifully closed. I always wanted to do a post on … Continue reading

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It’s free

It’s free alright. Spotlight Midland, by Imogen C. See Freo, you have to retain some of the mystery, and Cannington, maybe if you just showed half of it (ie the left half), you could still be classy. Otherwise put it … Continue reading

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A rocket in pocket.

I always wondered whether those visible pockets in denim cutoffs were deliberate, or that the perpetrator was so keen on making them short enough for their arse to hang out that it was a mistake. Question answered by RubyRuby at … Continue reading

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New York Tableau

Many worsters are spread over the planet at the moment. Orbea sends in a New York tableau, proving that Noo Yoik style shits in the mouth of perth cock graffiti. Adding a coffin and a shoe with penis into the … Continue reading

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Euro Donger

Kieran_in_perth presents some (international/new york style) donger graffiti from Berlin. I came for the donger – I stayed for the shoes. He also managed to get his reflection too which is nice. Is that supposed to be some kind of … Continue reading

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