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Let me tell you a story…

about a corflute emu oom ba da little da da da. Myers. Sorry to bring to mind the ever terrible John Williamson. Hey true blue *puke* once again I ask how American Country can be really good, but Aussie Country … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 111 Crowned

An exchange between an employee sitting by a lift and an exuberant young patron summed up the night. “You have to wear dress shoes to get in.” “Gnaargghaaabaaaah.” “Dress shoes next time.” As we joined the young man to ascend … Continue reading

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Combat Softair Brindisi

We live in an age when even T-shirts have haiku qualities. I have been repolishing my efforts since TLA’s reminder yesterday, and also worrying if Snuff-san has been blown off Cebu Island. But then I see artefacts like this on … Continue reading

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you mean the box?

A blast from Bento: “Packaging designed in Australia…cutting edge.” Nice call. But, pot/kettle/black – his rangehood is hardly fresh-out-of-the-box.

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Outrage Sunday 81 wings of ascension

Please please please tell me this car with a shark hanging from the rear-view mirror and driven by a balding man with a brush moustache doesn’t have a rego that means pussy wagon. Please. The apogee of consumerism. Nothing makes … Continue reading

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Cott droop

“By my prescience I find my zenith doth depend upon a most auspicious star, whose influence if now I court not, but omit, my fortunes will ever after droop.” William Shakespeare, The Tempest. My sensibilities were shipwrecked by these scenes … Continue reading

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Let’s get Risible

I have lost my faith in Busselton graphic design.Totally. Opportunity for a good “foot man” or woman to move into town. By me for a change.

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Weekend Worstoff 176 hostage edition

Outrage here. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but TLA is being held hostage in Rurotardia. I was wondering why no WW until I received a disturbing image of a blindfolded TLA holding a copy of today’s … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 17 Going

I was snooping and eavesdropping and generally minding my own business on Marine Parade yesterday morning until I was rudely interrupted by a contact, whom I will call Seattle Samantha. “Put this on that crappy blog you write for,” she … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 14 Valley of Death

Six hours getting on and off a bus in the Swan Valley yesterday for someone’s 50th: by the time it was 3.30pm and we were wrapping up at a brewery I was longing for a giant mariachi-playing dugong to fall … Continue reading

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