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The Tour

Drunken January Santa pedalling towards the Nightosphere. My Hawthorn. Orbea.  

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On the stump for Xmas

Merry Xmas for another year. Is it really the ninth? This time courtesy of Leon N, Parkwood. Those relentless blue skies eh?

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Outrage Sunday 228 ho ho ho

Apologies for any inconvenence for today’s late OS. The Flangemaster kept bugging me to give him a foot massage last night. Now THAT is Hideous Kinky. He was also rude about Cottesloe’s recently-approved parklet. This is in Guikdford’s Station Street. … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 226 bring me the head of Ingvar Kamprad

That ribbon-muter Bento has been to the big blue building again. Has this cropped up in the Perth shop? Perhaps we’re not fussed? At least Ingvar doesn’t have shrunken Santa heads on his shelves. Gotta run! I’m off to read … Continue reading

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I pity the Yule

BAUBLES OF DEATH. I’m sure this health and safety madness started in the UK. Santa can’t come down your chimney: too dangerous. Reindeers are out: can’t have slip hazard shit on roofs. The fat man’s little helpers are swaddled in … Continue reading

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Another loss of nerve

Reign of Error documents another untriumph of the will. A Willagee resident (Carps?) pulling out nine months, NINE MONTHS mind you, into a a year long “leave the christmas tree up” jag. The work is done. The missus has ceased … Continue reading

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Too Soon

Why pull down your Christmas tree now? When Xmas is only days away? It’s almost fucking September! You’ve put in the time investment. Weak as piss to pull out now. By Pete F. Claremont. In Cocos.  

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