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Get on my lawn

Being towed. I would hope a registered lawn next door.  By Blow In. Rockingham.   

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Command + V

Via Blow In. South Beach.  

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Outrage Sunday 228 ho ho ho

Apologies for any inconvenence for today’s late OS. The Flangemaster kept bugging me to give him a foot massage last night. Now THAT is Hideous Kinky. He was also rude about Cottesloe’s recently-approved parklet. This is in Guikdford’s Station Street. … Continue reading

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Strangely, Shazza never mentioned that this total embarrassment is out in public. It actually keeps going around the block in some kind of…lap, as if it wasn’t trying to hide. You think that Fremantle couldn’t get any shittier, and then … Continue reading

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Be Creative

I don’t know. Pete F. Mosman Park. Is the creativity the matte paint? The lying  emission controls?

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Skid Pig

More from James N’s cavalcade of perversion. Bayswater. You may think he’s towing it, but he’s actually delivering it. Bayswater deserves better mofos. Yeah, you know it.

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Outrage Sunday 215 Dan is Gay

Don’t you dare give this woman a ticket, City of Swan (who do great signs): she’s singing, not standing. This Guildford treasure didn’t last long, anyway. I bet that’s a Nyttja frame, from our Swedish friends. This south Cottesloe scene … Continue reading

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