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Outrage Sunday 197 hello my name is

TWOP is world-famous for its pitiless panoramas. One of the best is the cheerful bloke getting out of his ute in – where was it? Hacking? Topping? I can’t find it. Here’s a familiar place from that fern-burning Juliet balcony … Continue reading

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Here Piggy

With a boot full of blue swimmers…take that pigs. By Alasdair. Mandurah.  

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Dave P documents Mark (the slightly damp Teatowel) McGowan’s transport policy at work in his electorate of Rockingham. If it can work in Rocky, why not Inglewood?  I’m convinced. I’ve heard it said that 90% of Rockingham cars have been on … Continue reading

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Foil Burner

Has this Burner been…covered in foil? The tape is showing! Or is it good? What exactly is going on here? Oh it’s on the arrondissement Mt Lawley. As you were. By bruisin’ Bill O’Slatter.

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A(nother) Torana of Gold

HERB claims to be missing Snuff’s links already, so offers his own. Also, in lieu of something else, let me offer another Torana of gold against your soul. The last was over 6 years ago. This one is indeed on … Continue reading

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Honk if you’re running into my house

Yes and yes from Big Ramifications. (A stalwart?). I haven’t been to Howlers. But obviously they are buying in some decent fresh North Perth melon. I like the twin honkers on the roof too. And is that a disabled railing … Continue reading

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By #NF1. What’s their attitude to fat chicks?

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