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Radiation Cookbook

What an outrage! The promised radiation cookery (strontium pintxos) turns out to be for a gas stove?! Might have to burn it.  

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Kokoda for Dummies

See also Nanjing Massacre for Numpties and Hiroshima for Halfwits.  

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Chiaking because Gnarly

By Orbea. Now I don’t know how big the biggest wave I ever surfed was, but as I wiped out, the skittish flatties were…well, you know what they were up to. And it was as gnarly as Jacko’s old man’s…well … Continue reading

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The Second Walkabout

I’ve always thought the second walkabout would be better. You’d be a bit more relaxed. One of them is called Ug.

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Outrage Sunday 178 National Sunday Law

A free book in my letterbox! This was gripping. Basically (I think I have this right) Seventh Day Adventists know the ZOG is about to make Sunday worship compulsory, thus giving free reign to Satan, free $10 chicens, the Pope, … Continue reading

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Patronising All Over

Is this a passive aggressive “gift”? God he looks as hideous as he sounds. Is that a leather fucking tie? Just wait until book burning season comes round again.

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Six White Boomers

Mommy…. Where’s my mommy? They’ve taken her away We’ll help you find your mommy, son Hop up on the sleigh So up inside the bag of toys Little joey hopped But they hadn’t gone far when santa stopped… Bento saw … Continue reading

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