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Pigalle – Artisanal Dogging on Beaufort

I was going to post earlier on the Beaufort Street arrondissement coat of many colours, but other organs have already crapped on it. I did take a shot of it from the magnificently not worst 950 bus, that is always … Continue reading

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Baysie’s Neglect

By Alex. This looks like something NF#1 had a hand in. Is this PoVi? ie Post Vibrant?

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Final Fremantle Insult

This is seriously shitty. Not even I would wish something this bad on Cockburn nee Freo. What idiots chose yet another awful Smiths bronze? Along with another fucking sundial? Truly awful. Seen by Pete F.

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BSWAM (Bartender’s skills with a Manhatten) sent a wonderful series from Philadelphia. Here’s a couple. A wonderful public artwork celebrating looking up kids’. Apparently they were roped off, so he couldn’t get the traditional closeups. And one of their celebrated … Continue reading

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Edward De Bozo documents an undocumented soldier in Nannup. From the soap makers war perhaps? I thought it was all hippies down there.

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Does the aboriginal have a future?

That was the disturbing (1977) question that Shazza came across (while apparently creeping the houses of shut ins and hoarders), in O’connor (?) Absolutely! Contends #NF#1 from this equally disturbing tableau in Greenmount. Which should be in 1967, but is … Continue reading

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Mt Claremont Dreaming

Nice. With exemplary back door documentation by Pete F. God these are awful.

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