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Baysie Arts Supremos

Anyone feel like nominating me? Or Outrage? Or both?

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I can’t look at this Claremont artwork without getting itchy nurries. Why is Claremont commissioning 3D C&B? Why would they do that? Why?  By Pete F.       

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Crack on

Small feet, big cracks. That’s Melbourne. At least on the bay.  

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Outrage Sunday 223 art attacks

Here’s a sneak peek of my bid to be at Sculpture by the Sea next year. The hungover bear staggers to the toilet, sits, and falls off. Repeat. Any suggestions on what to call it?      Or what about some … Continue reading

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As soon as the Brian Burke influence is removed from the Cultural Centre, standards begin to fall. The Burkean bulkhead against homophobic art critics has to be restored! The authorities have still not answered my questions about where the plaque … Continue reading

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I like horses that laugh in the face of artistic rendering. Lovely. Northbridge.

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Two steps back

I complained to Perth council that their (also lame) painted artwork on the Cultural Centre paving was dangerous when wet. Looks like they are grinding it off as a result. I can’t help feeling I’m fighting a losing battle against … Continue reading

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