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Vote  1 Shedism?

I’m half inclined to vote this council election, but in my ward, this bloke seems most likely. I’m not voting for the others. If you’ve been in council for 25 years – no. It’s over. But Jonathan Jones is an … Continue reading

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The Condemned

How long before the Nedlands Council has this condemned? The setbacks and the parapet walls of stages 2 and 3 will be stillborn. By Pete F.

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Worst Tours

Alasdair notes that derelict, broke architects are doing “worst tours” of Porto, Portugal. Why can’t our architects in Perth be doing this – or doing anything else apart from designing buildings? I wonder if the Porto guys are aware of … Continue reading

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7th Avenue Redemption

I crossed the new Maylands Seventh Avenue bridge on youse pigs behalf today. It’s fine. I guess. The underneath reminds me of the narrows bridge which I do like. But it’s not the same as the old one, where hot … Continue reading

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The Stench of Eureka

Stu, exiled from our state of post vibrancy, has landed in Ballarat, where the stench of Stockade karaoke pre-pre-vibrancy reeks from every brick orifice. A lesson for Fremantle here. It takes two to facade. A Miniorb for Gen Y. One … Continue reading

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The architecture mag is now online. (Autumn 2015). Where myself, She-Ra AND Alannah opine on the city. Finally the right three are together.

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Outrage Sunday 203 every thought and intent

Found in the Casa Cohen letterbox. What do I know? Can my heart have thoughts? Where are my pants?    I see there’s been the usual carping about Subiaco. Well, SHUT UP: I see authorities reckon this will bring some … Continue reading

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