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Slovenia Vibrant

Bento tries his hand at some quintessential. For perhaps the first time since his Tankmaster Day and Tankmaster Night series over 5 years ago. I really like what the Slovenians have done here. Thanks Bento. That Tankmaster Night was a … Continue reading

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BSWAM (Bartender’s skills with a Manhatten) sent a wonderful series from Philadelphia. Here’s a couple. A wonderful public artwork celebrating looking up kids’. Apparently they were roped off, so he couldn’t get the traditional closeups. And one of their celebrated … Continue reading

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By Orbea. Is anyone as turned on asI am?

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Kalamunda bites back

Kala heavyweights have responded with cliches from both barrels to TLA’s savage attack 12 days ago. The Midland-Kalamunda Reporter’s Joel Kelly (whom my sources say lives in Parkerville) coaxed quotes from council CEO Rhonda Hardy about the TWOP outrage. “Beauty … Continue reading

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Rocking Henge

As Hadrian said when he conquered Rockingham in 124 AD. “Osi Rocky, si ergo, forticolumns in ero.” Sez AW. This had already been set on fire thousands of years before the arrival of The Rockingham. Or the Greeks for that … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming

What to say eh? Red Castle finally goes. By JaneZ.

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There it goes

The homely old bridge is going. And in other disgraces, I hear that the demo of the FESA building has begun. Haven’t we moved past this crap? Although it doesn’t compare to BSWAM’s New York desecrations, it’s still sad.

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