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Drop Everything

Big P has purchased three tables of eight for TWOP fans. Please, no outside animals.

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Jurasic Park-ish

This just in. Will they be more popular than teh T-Rex? Also: “The now extinct Josephoartegasia monesi was a type of rodent that weighed over a ton and was larger than a bull. Its modern-day relative, the capybara, is the … Continue reading

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To Na Zillun, and the sleepy town of Tirau (pop. 800), where they have the largest corrugated iron sheepdog in the world. “Tirau has a wonderfully unique Information Centre housed in a building in the shape of a dog, which … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 122 this is not news

I’m pleased to report the wonderful world of newspapers has turned the corner! “Readership declines less” is this take on the latest circulation figures (The West lost only 0.8 per cent). I trust this will help put an end to … Continue reading

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White with one

Just ponder this for a minute, while you sip your latte. Fremantle.  By BF.

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Outrage Sunday 86 testaclese

Rubbed fixies with young and old (TLA was also there) creative artsy types at Fringe World on Friday night. A big crowd drinking outdoors in the breeze, posing and gossiping, going across to the New York pictures, and no anti-social … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 35 vision

I feel for teh kidz who had to unwrap this a week ago. Why give them this abomination when you could delight them with a Hannukah droidl? I feel for Krazy Kym and me: after witnessing Bento wearing his hat … Continue reading

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