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They don’t like it up ’em

More Victorian vibrancy from TLA. After you’ve bought your authentic souvenirs you can have a slap-up feed. Didn’t the bear soldiers have puttees?      

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Outrage Sunday 221 party pack

So much depends Upon An empty party Pack Of silvery nangs Beside the munted white Shih-tzu.   

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Marg’s Savannah

Another Margaret River native. Like the southern wolf. Which by the way is no longer TWOP official wine, now the boozie bottle is in town. By NS.  

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Wake in Fright Inglewood

I don’t want BSWAM or other internationals to get the impression that kangaroos hop our suburban streets…but apparently they do. Skink captured this beast behind the (N) IGA in Inglewood. Note the paving.

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Drop Everything

Big P has purchased three tables of eight for TWOP fans. Please, no outside animals.

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Jurasic Park-ish

This just in. Will they be more popular than teh T-Rex? Also: “The now extinct Josephoartegasia monesi was a type of rodent that weighed over a ton and was larger than a bull. Its modern-day relative, the capybara, is the … Continue reading

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To Na Zillun, and the sleepy town of Tirau (pop. 800), where they have the largest corrugated iron sheepdog in the world. “Tirau has a wonderfully unique Information Centre housed in a building in the shape of a dog, which … Continue reading

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