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Fried Green Ennui

I used to have this. Now I have a Hyundai. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. True Story.

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Please Stop

Should I continue with the devastation? Deco Michelides Tobacco Factory, aka Peters Ice Cream, aka suit hire. The Colour H captured another crappy decision. Is our every building stalked by some demented cocos or cotton palm bent on destruction?

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Winter is Coming

What to say eh? Red Castle finally goes. By JaneZ.

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Shimed Off

Is it really gone? The battle of the morning star, discussed here 4 or 5 years ago, but up there for so many years before? So many Worsts are becoming vanished these days. Have a click on the vanished worst … Continue reading

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Death of the ants

James N documents the death of the Bayswater ants. Part of Alannah’s drive to envibran Bayswater no doubt. Shame. Why is it always the little people that suffer?

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Pacific Solution Finally Succeeds

I like Snuff am on holiday, but let me note that The Pacific Motel in Highgate, complete with its wan-jinas has finally gone, after maybe 6 years of dereliction, plus a previous few full of derelicts. another one vanishes.

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Aussie Motors

Speaking of vanished worsts, Aussie Motors (formerly Auto Mako complete with shark logo) is now gone, forecourt and all. A new building going up, not doubt catering to tapas, fixie, poodle owning types. Also long gone across the road is … Continue reading

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