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Outrage Sunday 172 exit

This way For the stylish Relentless evening, The precisionist vibrancy, Sign here.

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Bypass the world

Bunbury is all about bypassing. You bypass Bunbury, then when the shame of where you are bypassing hits, you have to bypass the bypass. And then you essentially have to bypass your own consciousness as you bypass the multiple Bunbury … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 171 guardian of the Wembley dark

Bangalla Court, on Cambridge Street. Those rims were made from the nails that hung Jesus to the cross. Can you see Fraka, the trained falcon? I apologise for the lack of relentless blue sky. Another chicen outrage. False advertising: it … Continue reading

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King Pork

Pete F. Documents the decadent verge life in the western suburbs. Is that a pogo stick?

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On the streets of Fremantle

Some lovely snags of Pakenham Street Fremantle from Google seen by Illusiver. The street violence, the graffiti. It just needs a going out of business sign and a struggling ugg boot shop. Essence.

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Outrage Sunday 170 help yourself

Love is like chicen on a verge Don’t let it waste, so help yourself A three-course meal is there for you Help yourself, have a brew That’s what they want you to do. Don’t be hungry, defeatedly, Chiceny flavour can … Continue reading

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The New Gnangara

What is the deal with bong graveyards? They seem to be often associated with bodies of water. To fill up? Gnangara pine forest for cars and murder victims. Riversea for bongs. Rendered beautifully by Pete F.

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