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Eat, Drink, Chicken, Love

Drinking and chicken is an effective anti depressive! I have taken the cure many, many times myself. By NF#1. Northbridge.  

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Invaders Unplugged

Bento saw this lovely brickwork in West Perth. Looks like it may soon be gone. But I’m glad he recorded it for us. This really is great.

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Cultural Embarassador

I’m going with not worst for this. (obviously). Unless you can speak Chinese, in which case I have a new category. Worst pronunciation of Chinese by me. If subtitles don’t appear, click CC button.

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You can’t handle the herbal

Simply marvellous demonstration of the Albany commercial rental market by Pete F.   

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The Humile

Thanks for coming. If I had any humility, I would have been humbled by the excellent turnout. Thanks to Creative Mornings for the invite.  The take home message…

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Humility Now!

I will be lecturing on humility next Friday morning. Free breakfast Creative Mornings.  

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Picture Show Man

Andrew D captured a couple of bumpkin movie palaces. How beautiful is Teh Meeka? Even Mt Magnet has a certain pencil pine charm. Obviously the shite they will be playing, and the paying customers will be no oil paintings, but … Continue reading

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