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Outrage Sunday 143 strictly no farting

The terrorists have won. Opposite the Art Gallery.

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Irrational Hatred #8: PROSH

Bento (aka Sir Bufton Tufton) says: “Why is it that just seeing uni students having fun and raising money for charity fills me with rage? I was muttering to myself at the traffic lights this morning, just because a cheerful, … Continue reading

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The Special

I keep hearing this place is good. Love the sign. Might go not worst. I do like the sound of the special too. What’s the daily double? I’m waiting of the year of the dog. By Paul M. Bassendean.

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Maylands Time 2

I’m not sure if this is still in Maylands? In any case, I thought I better show the famous Dubrovnic Smallgoods before it disappears. Covered here six and a half years ago, and at least once more in 2011. The … Continue reading

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Maylands time

Going to spend some time in Maylands this week. The 7th Avenue bridge is coming down. Last chance to drive. Went down and took some tribute shots. Nice traditional Swan Draught in there too.

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While Snuff continues his ancient slumber, a few things. Firstly. People are noticing this stream of twitter gold flowing right? “German Shepherds “may be Jewish”. Intensive DNA testing reveals the German Shepherd dogs are related to Canaan Dogs, Israel’s national … Continue reading

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You can be a Bayswater Angel

This is not actually a worst. It would be wonderful for this to happen. A TWOP associate is looking for friends, supporters and even investors to take the small bar/cafe scene to Bayswater. Think Maylands without the gun shop. Email, … Continue reading

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The Association.

What student association is this display for at Curtin’s open day? Beautiful.

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The Sign Master

I’m calling this so terrible that is a not worst. But if he is really the only plumber who knows what he is doing, then he must truly be called The Turd Whisperer. By D.

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and on with socks

Cock-burners are apparently livid that they are being merged with…who now? The vibrancy black hole of Freo? Cobo? Sofro? In any case, Cock. By Hugh Jass.

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