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Outrage Sunday 234 shambles 

So much depends  Upon An orange feature Wall Glazed with Winnie Blue Above the white Bogans. PS: Perth is a shambles ! 

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Are goldfish allowed to sell children? Why would the goldfish allow the child to be in the car before the transaction had been completed? Did the goldfish put the child on Gumtree? What did the father father? Surely the goldfish … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 233 Chico

so much depends upon a recumbent Chico dazed with solitude beside the gummy paving.

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Gary’s huge package

Bento has been ranting about journalists again. He points to this item on Teh West, which says Gary Stevenson’s deal with the City of Perth was “$350,0000”. C’mon, Bento! Lookit all them numbers! Maths is hard for journos. $3.5 million, … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 232 mummy doin’ tricks

Friday was busy. After time in the Perth Magistrates Court – aka The Drama Palace – I paused to see if these paramedics needed help. They said they were fine, and cops were on the way. “You may feel like … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 231 in the bowl

Krazy Kym encountered this in Midland. “Why have we not seen this before?” she asked. A desultory shuffle through the archives found this, which is just as excellent. My associate, Mr Brick, saw this in Cottesloe. “Lamination fail,” he said. … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 230 delicasey

Spelling standards aren’t too flash in the Golden Triangle, frets Pete F. That dish-gambler Bento went back to his favourite Bayswater fence. I love it. No problems here with the 50 per cent permeable requirement. Our NYE was fabulous, thanks … Continue reading

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