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Outrage Sunday 186 Satterley pines

You know reporters are reluctant to push their stories, and they hate talking about themselves. But here’s the scene from the zone of death at 56 The Esplanade in the Grove on Tuesday morning, as featured in Teh POST. People … Continue reading

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the bigger picture

The plan is coming together! But please take the lift or stairs, whilst we apologise for any temporary inconvienience at this point in time. Subiaco train station.

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alleged small distillery

I think it is time for our first police post. I love these pictures from Camillo: the vibrancy! Is that…dog food in the final pic? Police Media says: “Officers from the Camillo Policing Team (Armadale Police Station) today executed a … Continue reading

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In the pink

Business news and financial reports on pink newsprint? What a great idea! Charlotte loved today’s West: her only complaint the organ was too small at 60 pages.

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Outrage Sunday 185 North Perth Bowling Club

I had to apologise to DBC Pierre on Friday for the lack of relentless blue sky. It was awkward. I will direct his attention to this outstanding series, from Mr Underbury via Bento. “The North Perth Bowls Club smoking area, … Continue reading

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Berry good

A colleague enjoyed the conflation of berry content in today’s paper of record. “Were you affected by the 2008 Chinese milk scandal? Call in now!”

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Outrage Sunday 184 saucy Rottnest

Perth seems to have been occupied by gaints. Much safer here on the beautiful Isle, where the only worries are big prices for little sauce, and the large sexual organs of the natives.

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