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abuse victims

That whale-gritting balcony-dweller Bento popped his head over the 2.8m parapet wall again after seeing this on Teh WAToady. “They want more abuse?”

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Outrage Sunday 204 the commercialisation of spruut

I think this was the first time spruuut reared its head on TWOP. A timely reminder after Bento shares his retail fetish. Sprutt a product? Why not, when Nirvana is lift music and there’s a small bar called Judgement at … Continue reading

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Trio probed 

How can you probe nipples? Trust the Chook to keep abreast of matters. This is all good: David ‘Ding-Dong’ Bell, crime, pasties. Better than Violent crime duo caught on video.   

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Outrage Sunday 203 every thought and intent

Found in the Casa Cohen letterbox. What do I know? Can my heart have thoughts? Where are my pants?    I see there’s been the usual carping about Subiaco. Well, SHUT UP: I see authorities reckon this will bring some … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 202 the prescriptive signs of Exmouth

This is the mayhem you get when you don’t have public art or traffic lights.          Krazy Kym and I have snapped up some land.    This is the council-approved granny flat we will build for her parents.   

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Outrage Sunday 201 the Argument of His Blog

i sing of prawns, of Prados, pills, and powers, Of perennial unvibrant wowsers. I sing of arseholes, cockcarts, ‘burners, trains, Of loungerooms, lounges, and drivers without brains. I write of uncouth love, and the excess Of it and its push-shoving … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 200 bogan customs

Keep on truckin’…is it me, or can I see Alan Bond’s face? That pea-grubber Bento pipes up: “The signage doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in their artistic ability.” Location undisclosed. I’m indebted to APILN for the latest Furze Platt news: it … Continue reading

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