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Outrage Sunday 190 Easter feature II

I have a soft spot for Easter (despite the anti-Semitism), as it’s when I got my TWOP start: good times. Last year I ranted about this disturbing product: this year it’s something to do with a Pommy dessert. Nothing much … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 189 no parking on verge

It is beautiful in Edgewater. No photography on the front of The Echo, either. The readers want paintings of orange-headed boobies with squashed hands gazing at a stairway to heaven.    And in Applecross they take their recycling a bit too … Continue reading

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Full clips

You know it. Rokeby Road, Subiaco.

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Outrage Sunday 188 old time counrty halls

As I pick up my guitar to sing another song I hear the walls of this old hall – you’ve done this thing too long You know you’ve been around for years, I guess you’ve shown us all I talk … Continue reading

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protect yourself Tough defamation

Those auto-loaded ads can be funny! But reputation is a serious business. Begin the journey.

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Outrage 187 Fringe binge

I got a bit emotional after my ninth gin & tonic ($10 each) on Friday night. Fringe all gone. After Sculpture by the Sea, it’s back to hearing footy commentary from passing cars for, like, what seems foreva. Mind you, … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 186 Satterley pines

You know reporters are reluctant to push their stories, and they hate talking about themselves. But here’s the scene from the zone of death at 56 The Esplanade in the Grove on Tuesday morning, as featured in Teh POST. People … Continue reading

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