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Outrage Sunday 208 garbage

I was enraged at this Joondalup outrage. How enraged? Probably more than if Tony Abbott woke up to find a wind turbine in his toilet. I wrote to the council and asked why we had to have Americanisms on our … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 207 East Vic Park

Warning: no parking Next to the green bin at the  Oriental Mart.        

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the other big bang theory

Where to start? I’m disappointed Shazza didn’t send this ad last week from the Chook (props A. Smith & P. Thomson) to TWOP. I’m surprised Abs Conder hasn’t napalmed Teh Voice (which he once described as a “pool of poofterism”). … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 206 Miller time!

It’s Penny Miller catalogue time again! Once again I have selflessly thought of what will make my Worsting comrades happy! I know Bento will love these dolphin stickers for his executive bathroom at his work! He will be one of … Continue reading

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moon story shot

Thirty-one years ago on Monday, we landed on the moon…NOT! I won’t be able to prepare Outrage Sunday tomorrow, as I’ll be at a Backyard Cinema event in Kewdale, via Perth Truth Seekers. “Backyard Cinema returns with an alternative look … Continue reading

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Two little ducks

As TLA said in another place, after I posted an abandoned wine bottle outrage, usually you would also see abandoned undies, or a musical instrument. Something! But here in Shenton Park this morning: nothing.      

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Work ethic

Sheesh. It seems like only yesterday I was fridge FAGged. Now my work ethic is being publicly questioned. I must try harder. But as Yoda says: “There is no try, there is only do.”    

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